How do I get you tube on my hubpage? explain it like I was a child.

  1. yetwong1 profile image59
    yetwong1posted 6 years ago

    How do I get you tube on my hubpage? explain it like I was a child.

  2. kipronor profile image60
    kipronorposted 6 years ago

    To get you tube on your Hubs, you need to add the video capsule that is on the right upper side of your window . its written "Add More Capsules help" with a question mark, this will give you a place to save a link of the youtube video you desire to have on your page, once you add the capsule , click EDIT, on the textbox provided on thepop up window, copy the youtube url you have and paste on the empty text box then click preview, and later save.
    this process on the video capsule will provide the snapshot windo to see your video.
    Good Luck

  3. Story Page profile image68
    Story Pageposted 6 years ago

    Here is the link for a HubPages lesson on how to add a video.

    You need to use the video capsule when you are making a hub.
    Then click on youtube then search for a video that is suitable as some are better choices than others.

    You will find lots of helpful advice in the HubPages learning centre the link for this is always at the bottom of the page.
    You will also find that people have made hubs about this and other hub making topics if you do a search for them in the search box.