Dear Mr. Ghost, Any tips on how to write a story on here and make money from it

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    sandybo63posted 6 years ago

    Dear Mr. Ghost,
    Any tips on how to write a story on here and make money from it?

    I was interested in HubPages as a forum for extra cash, and the only thing I have talent in is fiction.  Have you made any significant earnings from your stories on here?

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    Ghost32posted 6 years ago

    Truthfully, I don't know the answer to your question.  After 3 1/2 years of writing at HubPages, I'm (finally!) making a few hundred per month--but don't have any idea which Hubs are producing the income and which are not.  I simply keep on writing and don't bother to try tracking individual Hubs.

    However, I do have an educated guess, which is that the Hubs with the highest view count tend to also produce the most income.  This probability was driven home last May when my page on the S.W.A.T. shooting of Jose Guerena "went viral" to a degree for a few days.  On one day alone, that Hub spiked to more than 4,000 views. 

    And when it did, my "daily take" from the HubPages ad program also spiked.  You wouldn't think such a deadly serious topic would produce any ad clicks at all, but it obviously did.

    Which brings us to your talent:  Fiction.  If my lackadaisical analysis is correct, you can earn money from fiction if you can get steady daily views coming from the search engines (as opposed to being read by other Hubbers).  But that's not easy to do with fiction unless you've had something catch fire (like, say, Harry Potter). 

    Summary:  If you can come up with catchy titles that get first page ranking on Google, then yes.  You can earn here.  If your work gets lost in the herd...probably not so much.

    According to me.  Perhaps others will post answers with different viewpoints.

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    goegoposted 6 years ago

    reflection or image,
    reality or illusion,
    emotions rule fear not,
    love will guide,
    step into the unknown for now,
    for if you can see this path one has won,
    riches, stones and gold like the sun,
    all worthless when said is done,
    the true treasure is under our feet,
    so pick dirt, and stray from the street,
    this is the beautiful place where we meet,
    don't stop as your heart skips a beat.

    true change is in our minds, peek between the lines,
    and leave it all behind.