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Joined 7 years ago from Loserland

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  • Won Too 3 Fore..

    Won Too 3 Fore..

    7 months ago

  • Vary Sirius

    Vary Sirius

    7 months ago

  • ]Disturbed... [Indestructibly]>[word not found]

    ]Disturbed... [Indestructibly]>[word not found]

    8 months ago

  • Heart's Apart

    Heart's Apart

    9 months ago

  • Frequent See's, A Line

    Frequent See's, A Line

    11 months ago

  • The World II Know

    The World II Know

    21 months ago

  • Taste Disguised

    Taste Disguised

    22 months ago

  • Chow Time.. 'Sic' (00:33) (of) 'Talking'  (1:33) (2) 'Alien's'... (2:33)

    Chow Time.. 'Sic' (00:33) (of) 'Talking' (1:33) (2) 'Alien's'... (2:33)

    22 months ago

  • I Hold You Nearest

    I Hold You Nearest

    3 years ago

    Fearless... Head up, buckles buck, 'boot strap' strapped, flaps is, it's a near miss, Tires hiss, Bullet spits, fits, of emptyness, rest, fluid, lifts, Senses it, Speechless lisp, Stuttering fits, Information transfer, curing, cancer-...

  • & The Planet Said

    & The Planet Said

    3 years ago

    Bee, plan, begin again, Spinning away, into a new day, today... Good morning fortune, awaken old friends, So (00:33 you know) here we go, into the unknown, clone, shown, roam, space, inside of your face, click, vent, Thoughts of chase race,...

  • Time Traveling

    Time Traveling

    3 years ago

    Unraveling, (blues) only letting out, babbling, rambling, means nothing, trying to say something, okay, get comfy, sox on you feet, sweets, picture, show, creeps, sink beneath, scared chattering teeth, cold popcorn bowl, holds...

  • Killer Mother Fulking Dirty Mushrooms

    Killer Mother Fulking Dirty Mushrooms

    3 years ago

    System resume... am I to assume the resume' displayed got your attention, invention intentions, thoughts entombed, pharaohs womb, birthing soon, consumed with doom, there is no spoon... fumes, boom, bombs away rage, slave pay saves, into...

  • [I Say Uh] 22:22

    [I Say Uh] 22:22

    9 months ago

    Time- Rewind... Is it a sign, or am I just out, loosing my mind, Numbers guide, Detail, sea snail, free brail, mind scales, read digital light, Spectrum's of colors, close my eyes, Multiply, Infinite sight, Imaginary flight, Been...

  • Quartz's Shorts... The Sixth Myths, Revelation

    Quartz's Shorts... The Sixth Myths, Revelation

    8 months ago

    Extraction, self evaluation, Allocation, Of energy, its heavy, metal mining, finding mines destination, Detonation, Native related, feeling outdated, just in case we should, save reservations, Inclinations, incantations to unite nations, ...

  • Please Hold While You're Call Is Beeing Placed-

    Please Hold While You're Call Is Beeing Placed-

    3 years ago

    Spores escape, away into space... Operator concentrator, interrogators erased, Shapes, Traced, Lines laced, Tied double tight right??? Just in case, Safe, systems engage... Lights camera ignition, now, action- hit the stage, ...

  • Of What You Dream...

    Of What You Dream...

    3 years ago

    Sting... Bee careful, or get an earful, music buzz's cheerful, but is it useful??? Its you, choose-able, emotion & song, got a ring- Yes but you gotta sing it out mean, To better anything, Betting everything, Everything's off, all the way...

  • Return-Non, Of State... Om

    Return-Non, Of State... Om

    4 years ago

    Hommmm... & all thoughts are gone, Disappearing spots like that of newborn fawn, Dawn becomes light evaporating the nights delight, hello ms. Swan, Black swan son... Swimming knee deep into the green tree's, Silent... Calm, Enter centered,...

  • Hieroglyphic Misfits

    Hieroglyphic Misfits

    4 years ago

    ATliens message, let's sit... & listen, 3:49 as the time begins to shine, peace that's it', Now hear the story & watch the skit, Feel the persuit inside, search- never quit, 19... Yes, let's, hit it-, East point... Star shine bright, way...

  • Echo of The Duck

    Echo of The Duck

    8 months ago

    Luck... Chess game, bluffed, sacredly geometric, this ones rough, tough to make it all add up Mcgruff, but thirteen can bee seen if you are keen to look hard enough... Trust, it's a must, bet it all, or bust, no reason to hold, it's...

  • Intelligently Designed Evolution of Scientific Religion

    Intelligently Designed Evolution of Scientific Religion

    5 years ago

    Wait... What's hidden... This sound's like a time we've already lived in... Hmmm well, let's begin, are you linkd in??? Then sign in quick, using fingers made of skin, they're conveniently attached, right at the end's of both limb's, ...

  • _Everything Changes_

    _Everything Changes_

    5 years ago

    Ageing into the ageless... Sensing senseless screams from the helpless, hopeless, makes no sense... Sitting on the edge looking at a fence, gates gated my fate and all of the rest... Nothings left... With hands abreast, held to my...

  • Beer for the byrd's & skittles for the riddles...

    Beer for the byrd's & skittles for the riddles...

    6 years ago

    Simple... Kosmic blues is the principle... Unusual??? Sensual... Sounds all around, feel the ground... It's the instrumental mental love Ms. forgetful, what a mouthful, like putty in your hands... Kneading dough hairy kitty cradles...

  • Across the tight rope

    Across the tight rope

    6 years ago

    ... Damn... I shouldn't have taken that last toke of dope... Oh well if I fall it'll sure entertain these simple circus folk, looking down at the hemp lifeline I think of a rhyme and turn green right in the nick of time... Just like incredible...

  • Jinx...


    6 years ago

    I just saw it... it was the Sphinx,,, missing lynx... This fuc*ing stinks, lets hear it... put on the kinks, you really got me... The kings, 3 kings gleaming, up all day and all of the night singing, she's not there unaware, beware...

  • Sasqwatch and me hugging a tree

    Sasqwatch and me hugging a tree

    6 years ago

    Sweet!!! Strawberry river floating free, Sumerian ancestry is it in me, well talk to the mushroom and maybe we'll see, sacred geometry, drawing a line defining unity, sacredly silent grown without u.v., just beneath our feet... You and...

  • The man with red eye's...

    The man with red eye's...

    8 months ago

    Is alive... Hide, slide to the side, and begin C.P.R. the light doesn't seem very far, look listen and feel... Revive, breathe in deep, close your eye's and sigh, read these thoughts inside with your mind, third eye open, visions wide, ...

  • Russian river

    Russian river

    7 years ago

    Sky-high Diamonds shine circling around in my mind, twisting around I shout with a spine shaking shiver. Did you see that I say... That light it's getting bigger. Glowing slow above the treetop's toe's, down by the roots we just don't know. At...

  • 4 For Four Fore 44

    4 For Four Fore 44

    8 months ago

    11. Is there any more???? 12. Ways to show this number 4.... 13. For one of it's uses it can bee used to keep score.... 14. Four points down and markets go poor.... 15. Fore says heads up.... Duck and cover on the floor.... 16=4+4+4+4 ...

  • Urban farming: Growing And Selling Mushrooms For *Profit

    Urban farming: Growing And Selling Mushrooms For *Profit

    3 years ago

    Growing and selling mushrooms for profit, mushrooms, small scale farming,micro farming, bio-remedation, planetary health, ecosystem restore,

  • Action Jackson

    Action Jackson

    6 years ago

    Sampson searched high and low into the night like a hawk, eye's perched... up on a steeple of the local peoples foreclosed church. A ghost town... without a sound.... NObody left around to polish the crown, Sampson frowns. looking down wondering...

  • Our Beautiful Land at Hand

    Our Beautiful Land at Hand

    9 months ago

    If you had the opportunity to travel the cosmos and meet a new type of man... how would you explain your impact??? is there a word that can, what would the first words bee, could you say that you come from a land that is simple and free, ...


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