What does OVOXO mean?

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    Ninahapposted 6 years ago

    What does OVOXO mean?

    This is a saying the rapper Drizzy Drake always sings/raps in his music. 


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    catalystsnstarsposted 6 years ago

    According to the urban dictionary

         OVOXO    661 up, 981 down
    Ovoxo is the Canadian based callabo group that includes rapper Drake (the OVO), and the R&B singer The Weeknd (XO). OVO stands for October's Very Own as Drake was born october 24. OVO is the annual festival that Drake holds in Toronto. The logo for OVO is an owl that Drake can be seen wearing at times. XO is the slogan and logo of R&B singer 'The Weeknd'. X stands for the drug ecstasy, O for oxycodone.
    Jen: "Hey did you see the BET awards last night? What was up with that crazy ass owl on his Drake's sweater? And then he mumbled some letters and ran off stage!"

    Karl: "Yea I saw that. Drake was just promoting his crew, OVOXO. That owl is his new thing now."