What form of prose do you prefer reading - Fact or Fiction?

  1. alancaster149 profile image86
    alancaster149posted 6 years ago

    What form of prose do you prefer reading - Fact or Fiction?

    Are there as many who wish to read a good yarn as those who like to burrow into the realities of the planet (be they technical, historical or biographical)?


  2. darrenworks profile image80
    darrenworksposted 6 years ago

    I have found it harder and harder, as an adult, to suspend my disbelief long enough to get through fictional writing such as novels and the like.  I can still enjoy a fictional short story, if it is in fact "short", but my mind seems to need details and scientific methodology with logic based arguements to hold my intrest for extended reads.  I think when I take time to contemplate what ever it is I have just read, it's more satisfying for me to spend that time in contemplation on something "real", you know "concrete" and potentially useful. 

    However I really love most all forms of poetry.  That does not mean I love all poems.  Again, things that hold my attention must be relatively concise and focused.  Too much energy spent filling up poems with pretty words and laborious metaphors over and over seem to me, to be trying too hard to be clever and I lose intrest quickly.  End of story!

  3. IntimatEvolution profile image79
    IntimatEvolutionposted 6 years ago

    I love historical stories and books.  I hate autobiographical books though.