How do you market youself as a new writer?

  1. DanaTeresa profile image83
    DanaTeresaposted 5 years ago

    How do you market youself as a new writer?

    I am pretty sure I am a good writer and I would like to give freelance writing a try. However, I am short on experience. HubPages is my first foray into "real" writng, aside from odd items like brochures, newsletter articles and web content for my previous job and papers and test questions in college and grad school. How can I successfully market myself to get started?

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    brsmom68posted 5 years ago

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  3. Emma Harvey profile image91
    Emma Harveyposted 5 years ago

    All of these things should go on your portfolio. If you are confident, set up a website - this is a must for a freelancer. Then advertise your services on here such as content writing, newsletter, link building and SEO services. Anything you feel you can do.

    Try to get experiences on elance and constant content and once you have written a few articles, try to apply for writing jobs. Good luck!