Did you have to overcome a "fear" of writing?

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  1. Harper Gates profile image59
    Harper Gatesposted 6 years ago

    Did you have to overcome a "fear" of writing?

    I love to write, but for years I have convinced myself that nobody would be interested in what I have to say.  I also used to have a very strong fear of criticism.  I, recently, started to do well with constructive criticism. However, if I feel like I'm being torn to shreds, I shrink into myself and refrain from asking for feedback for a while.  If you've felt that way, how did you move past that feeling?  Maybe it's more a fear of failure??

  2. Barnsey profile image77
    Barnseyposted 6 years ago

    I stubbornly refused to write for many years. Was it fear? Maybe a fear of disinterest or harsh criticism from my peers. Were those fears well founded? Somewhat. When none of your friends is a writer you wonder how much of their opinion you should worry about. When you get completely conflicting opinions about your work it is really and truly perplexing. Learning to not worry about criticism and simply step back two paces and go back to the drawing board is something I had to go through. Proper Self Editing is the cure for all your fears though.

  3. Harper Gates profile image59
    Harper Gatesposted 6 years ago

    Barnsey, Improving my self-editing is an area of focus for sure. I also am working on asking the right peers.  The ones who are willing to offer constructive criticism and know how to handle the "constructive" part well.

  4. ch3sterturley profile image59
    ch3sterturleyposted 6 years ago

    I was crazy into journal keeping through my teenage years, but I went through a phase of very severe anxiety that I couldn't even write about my day-to-day life without being afraid of the consequences. As far as academic writing goes, I frequently blank in the middle of exams or coming up to deadlines, terrified that my stream of consciousness has suddenly died. I'm studying Creative Writing in college now, and I always find it difficult to start a project, especially when I have a particularly harsh instructor. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough or that I'm in the wrong course and that the rest of the people in my class are 'truer writers' than me.  But I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that the way I'm drawn to writing is the important bit. The fear can be overcome. It represents my anxieties, not who I am.

  5. profile image80
    jb-jacobsposted 13 months ago

    This is a rather hard question. None of us like to hear that our work sucks. We have poured our souls out on to paper and some schmuck comes along and rips it to shreds.

    I like to hear what people think of my work, but most don't know how to tell you the flaws in a nice way. When you ask for someone else's thoughts, you have to have duck feathers. Just let it roll off of you.

    I also think getting opinions from professionals (teachers, expert writer, etc.) is more helpful than social media fans. If you are worried about grammar, plot holes, and the like, a professional is best.

    If you want to know if your story is interesting enough for someone to fork over the dough then social media is the way to go.

    We, as writers, have to believe with a passion that our work is the bomb digity. If we don't, it will show in how we talk to people. Our convictions will show through no matter if its good or bad.

    So as zig ziggler said many years ago, Quit Stinkin Thinkin!!


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