How I can improve my writing capabilities as a blogger?

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  1. paul pruel profile image71
    paul pruelposted 6 years ago

    How I can improve my writing capabilities as a blogger?

    I am a blogger and I want to improve my blogging hobby. I accept any suggestions.

  2. rumbling profile image50
    rumblingposted 6 years ago

    Guest posting is a good way to go about this especially when you submit with blogs or websites with editors involved. They will teach you not only about grammar, but also how to work things properly, how to avoid common mistakes in writing etc

  3. plogan721 profile image79
    plogan721posted 6 years ago

    I will have to say go to other people's blogs, view their posts and if they are asking for comments, make a comment.  it does not have to be a long drawn out comment, but make about the post that person wrote.  As the other person said, do guest blogging, have a personal journal that only you can read.  I have one written in MS word.   As you write more, your thought process will increase/  Pay attention to how you write and develop a writing style. 

    I had a marketing instructor tell me once that in order to know how your documents, or in your case blogs sound, read them out loud.  if the post does not make sense to you, how is it going to make sense to someone else.  Also, ask a friend or someone else you trust to critique your work before you post it.   

    a couple more points, I make sure I type out my posts in  word, because of spell check and grammar check.  I know how to spell, and to correctly place sentences, it is just an added insurance for me.   Always stick to your topic, and keep it short.

  4. hawaiianodysseus profile image80
    hawaiianodysseusposted 6 years ago

    Trite but true, the most significant way to improve one's blogging is to write, write, write! Write unabashedly, uninhibitedly, and without self-censorship about any topic you so desire. Writing without ceasing for long periods of time opens up your literary channels and sharpens your focus...not unlike what jogging does for you physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually.

    And then try some "outside of the box" strategies...go for a long walk where you can be all by yourself. As you walk, talk out loud to yourself...or talk to God. Say whatever you want to say. Shout out at the top of your lungs short phrases like, "I'm Free!" or "I'm a Terrific Writer!" It's my belief that by engaging in this primal screaming, we actually do unblock whatever it is that's holding us back. If you live somewhere where you simply cannot get away, scream into your pillow. It will be exhilarating and liberating at the same time. The cognitive reasoning behind this is that you are what you say you are. Words are powerful. Utilize power in declaring your words by shouting/screaming those words. By doing so, you unleash he powerful creativity that lies dormant within you. When a volcano erupts, it does so with a big bang. When God created the universe, He didn't do so with a whimper...He, too, employed a BIG BANG. Creativity demands such a big bang.

    Talking to yourself (I know, it sounds nuts, but believe me, it works) enables you to unscramble and decipher all the rubbish noise you hear on a daily basis until the one true voice you finally hear is your own. Become good friends with your personal voice...that is the voice you will powerfully convey to your readers.

    Above all, believe in yourself. God didn't create rubbish out of His personal treasure. No, He created the diamond that is you out of the garbage heap. So who are you to down yourself?

    (end of Part I)

    1. hawaiianodysseus profile image80
      hawaiianodysseusposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Part II

      Visualization is vital to creation. I am 60 years old, out of shape, but I can outshoot you from the 3-point line. Why? Visualizing it long before it happens is the key. See your success as a writer long before it happens. It works!

  5. eHealer profile image85
    eHealerposted 6 years ago

    Hi Paul. Blogging is definitely an art, depending on the format it's best to be spontaneous and encourage the thread to stay on topic. The subject may be emotional or controversial, so be passionate and confident with your statements. Add an interesting point of view that stirs other's passions and you'll get a lot of responses, but be honest, not inflammatory. Research your answers and provide some back up or reference. Not a cited article, but something recent that provides you with an source that people can look up or have heard about. Hope this helps, Keep Blogging!

  6. SteveSpencer profile image59
    SteveSpencerposted 6 years ago

    To become a better writer you need to read more. Begin with Stephen King's book about how to write. It is called "On Writing." Then find writers you enjoy, ones with a language and style that appeals to you, and read everything you can. Focus on books; they will have a more developed story and better style, editing, grammar, etc.

    If all that you do is write you will further instill current bad habits and will continue to develop an as yet undefined voice. Find your influence, immerse yourself as much as you can and then always read your favorite author for ten minutes before you write or edit anything. This will help get your mind "in the groove" as a writer.

    Keep in mind I still say you should write a lot, but in equal measure to reading.

    When your output exceeds your intake your upkeep will be your downfall!


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