Realness for the Soul

  1. tamaneice1983 profile image53
    tamaneice1983posted 7 years ago

    Realness for the soul
    The constant battle for it, forever will be told
    When you are real and true to yourself
    There cannot be any other like you
    Because only you know, when
    and where and what your soul is capable to do
    Your soul is love, your soul is peace
    Your soul represents your true identity
    Just be what your soul leads your heart to be
    Without a body your soul cannot live
    Neither can it breath or teach your mind how to feel
    Relate, concentrate, stand firm or give
    The realness of my soul teaches me to be carefree
    Unique, wondering, and kind
    I thank God for my soul because he made it all mines
    Wind bathing, the air, the sea
    Is all realness for my soul and my true identity
    What do you proclaim the realness of your soul to be
    But my soul is filled with love, compassion, truth and respect
    Why do we have a soul, this legend forever will be told

  2. heart4theword profile image78
    heart4thewordposted 7 years ago

    For me realness to my soul, has taken some time.  As the layers of hurt and sin have been peeled off.  You speak my language, the spirit of God in me is the only real part about me smile  Think about checking out some of my hub-pages.  You should make a hub out of this topic smile