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When / Where do you get your best ideas?

  1. Janet Calgan profile image58
    Janet Calganposted 4 years ago

    When / Where do you get your best ideas?

  2. nicregi profile image78
    nicregiposted 4 years ago

    Good ideas will just come. I don't have a specific time or place to get them. When I think about it, I will immediately write it down and write an article when I have the time.

  3. profile image0
    ketanmposted 4 years ago

    Only when mind is peaceful and not thinking too much... there is no best time or place, but i need to be in best mood, which means I need to be peaceful with no specific thought in the mind.

  4. JMAW profile image59
    JMAWposted 4 years ago

    first thing in the morning while taking a shower

  5. kevinwrites profile image60
    kevinwritesposted 4 years ago

    I get my best ideas whether or not I'm searching for them. I'm always thinking and wondering about things, so ideas come to me all day. When I get a really good one, I try to write it down very quickly.

    My ideas come from books, articles, movies, television, and everyday life. Even a few words from a conversation can turn into a brilliant idea.