Good books to read?

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    JosieMarie4posted 4 years ago

    Good books to read?

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    jabelufirozposted 4 years ago

    Anyone who's been handed a high school diploma can tick off the classic novels from the twentieth century: The Great Gatsby, A Farewell to Arms, The Grapes of Wrath. But cross into this millennium and things are suddenly murkier, Kindle-ier, less classed up with age. Then again, it's been an affirming thirteen years, enough time to breed a whole new body of post-2000 lit we're happy to call the new classics—and we're not afraid to name names. We spent months chiseling down a list* of not just our favorite books from the 2000s but also the works of fiction that we most readily recommend to our fathers, brothers, and non-blood-related bros. Then we asked a bunch of those authors to pick an overlooked book—stories, poetry, memoir—from that same period of time. Dig in quick: This is your chance to right some wrongs and hit the new musts you missed the first time around.

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    zanaworldposted 4 years ago

    You can read this book titled "How to Win Friends and Influence People?" by Dale Carnegie.

    It is written in 1937, but still relevant.  I have written an hubpage "How to Win Friends" on this book.  You can check out...