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What do you guys want to read about?

  1. Kreativity profile image60
    Kreativityposted 4 years ago

    What do you guys want to read about?

    I have been racking my brain around trying to figure out what to write about and I can't think of a thing so I'm asking you guys to tell me what you want to read in hopes it'll help me think of something.

  2. Nigham AFZAL profile image76
    Nigham AFZALposted 4 years ago

    All right...write about vampires and werewolves...try to prove what's the logic behind them...Do they really exist or not?... smile
    One thing more I am not kidding, If you didn't write on them...I am doing to do so one day... smile

  3. married2medicine profile image70
    married2medicineposted 4 years ago

    Ohhh! I am a guy and I find your question really fascinating. To start with, I want to thank you for considering our needs and showing concern to what we really like. A present day or contemporary guy of this age likes a variety of things, but some are becoming very popular. Here are the best five things we love:
    1. Sports, especially football and basketball (for those from the US)
    2. Drinks, beer and any alcohol related events
    3. Women's sexuality: It could be a movie where the woman turns out to be the vilian and show cases that naughty nature of hers before suffering the consequence of being the "bad guy". It could also be a story of such.
    4. Adventures, escapades, hormone rising and stress stimulating events (traveling and getting lost in an isolated Asian landscape, Visiting an African Wild Life park where some slight carelessness occurred and visitors where exposed to the beasts and more of such. It should be a read that will make him say either :"GOD! I wanna try this" or "HELL NO! I've got no balls".
    5. Jokes: We guys, love jokes, especially if they are naughty or crazy.

    So base your creativity on these top five features and start creating internet content on them and see a stampede of guys rushing towards your writings. If you want me to go further, I can give you a perfect example. There is a Novel here in Bremen where I live which is getting very popular. The Author perfectly blended Football, a contemporary London base campus Life, Romance, emotional saga, peer- antagonism, music and Poetry. This novel is unbelievable and the way every student here is grabbing a copy is so unimaginable... The way the Author blended these features together makes not just the ladies rush this wonderful piece but also the guys and so far so good from my observation, the guys are the ones buying more of the book than the ladies. It is an unbelievable piece that will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish (as the book has stated clearly- which is true!)... The name is "The Soul Talkers" by Funom Makama. Get one, read it and you will fully understand what I am saying.
    Nice question kreativity and I hope my answer is sufficient.

  4. RTalloni profile image89
    RTalloniposted 4 years ago

    Your name made me think I would go to your site and see creative projects, DIYs, artsy tutorials, sewing guides, and more.  Those types of hubs would be a huge hit on Pinterest, especially if they display originality, giving you more views.  Remember me when you are famous.  wink