Ever Wondered....

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    Idris Alliposted 3 years ago

    Ever Wondered....

    Ever wondered how well it will be if all I ever wanted were placed right in my present without me working for them.
    Search through the best of pages, and walk through a lot of lanes... Not until now have I encounter a solution, maybe soon, just maybe soon.

    Have you wondered too?

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    Daveadamposted 3 years ago

    I have wondered buddy, & i have come up with an answer....If you got everything you ever wanted all at once you would eventually become bored, & would then have to start looking chasing desiring all over again....If you didn't the boredom would lead to loneliness & then maybe depression, so you would go off again searching hunting....The solution is your looking for yourself, & your building yourself as you go....The self is not to be confused with your ego minds self, which is the one that makes you want to go off searching if you did feel that way....So when ever you have to make a decision if you start trying to always make the best logical decision no matter what your saying in your mind, your life will start making sense & coming together so to speak....The answer is simple & it's to be the best guy that you can become, & it's like how Joe Rogan puts it in his great Podcasts on utube.....He says be the guy that you really want to be, the guy with integrity morals & standards etc that can't be shaken......Then & i have tried this over the last two years, everything that your really really want in your heart starts to manifest out of know where....So the way i see it is it's a reward system, & one anyone can prove to themselves....Once a person realises what i have, they then realise that the best pages are still to come. :-)