Some writers write hubs daily but it takes me a couple weeks to write a quality

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  1. misslong123 profile image86
    misslong123posted 4 years ago

    Some writers write hubs daily but it takes me a couple weeks to write a quality hub. Suggestions?

  2. gposchman profile image81
    gposchmanposted 4 years ago

    I haven't been writing many Hubs lately because I am working on my second novel in a mystery series. But writing is writing. Margret Mitchel took years to complete "Gone With The Wind", and I see writers put out two or three books a year. If you interest is in quality, then don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Use the time as you please. For me, I write as fast as I can, because I don't care much for outlining. Then I read what I have written. Moan about how bad it is and then I rewrite, because for me that is when the real writing begins, and that I spend time doing. Hope this helps.

    1. misslong123 profile image86
      misslong123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you. Those are much needed words of encouragement. I would love to write a hub a day, but I also want to make sure I'm writing quality, useful hubs rather than rambling on as if a hub was a personal blog. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    2. Seafarer Mama profile image91
      Seafarer Mamaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with spending time making sure spelling and grammar are correct and the text flows well. Most good writers revise a couple of times before submitting, and it will take longer for longer works.

  3. Louise0711 profile image74
    Louise0711posted 4 years ago

    My tips would be write about what you already know about and are passionate about (you're probably already doing this but it's worth mentioning). I find that the articles I write quickest are those that I have day to day knowledge of, so they don't require as much time to research. Knowing my stuff means I get it down quicker - I don't have to think so much about what I'm writing as I know the material so well.
    Also, although quality is very important when first writing your hub, you can work on writing more and improving your hubs over time to0. I am always going back and updating stuff I have already done. I suppose what I'm saying is don't worry about complete perfection as hubs can always be improved. Sometimes it's easy to spend a lot of time tweaking hubs before publishing and it doesn't always add a lot of value. It's a fine line as you want to make sure your stuff is high quality and doesn't have spelling mistakes etc but sometimes it's easy to spend too long doing this.
    Also, you can work on hubs while you're living your day to day life. For example, take photos of trips you go on, projects you're working on, recipies you're making etc and these can be a great start to a hub. You have your photos at your fingertips.
    Many people also advice getting in the habit of writing everyday. I don't actually do this but it makes sense. If you write everyday you'll get better and quicker at writing and also have a wealth of material to draw on for your hubs.
    Hope this helps!

    1. misslong123 profile image86
      misslong123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Wow. Excellent tips! I will most certainly write them down as I think they will greatly benefit me. I guess what I know the most about is dating so that should be my focus if not too broad of a subject. Thx for sharing!

    2. Seafarer Mama profile image91
      Seafarer Mamaposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I also love this answer. I am one of those people who do not  publish a hub every day, and though I know a lot, I take more time making my hubs media-rich.  I also home-school my child and have a "day job" to spend time on, too. ~:0)

  4. Karen Ray profile image75
    Karen Rayposted 4 years ago

    I'd say quality is the key - take as long as you need to make it good. Some writers simply write faster than others.

    1. misslong123 profile image86
      misslong123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you. That is good to know. smile

  5. Seafarer Mama profile image91
    Seafarer Mamaposted 4 years ago

    Sometimes it does take longer to write quality hubs. I have commented on a couple of good answers below, but want to add my own answer.

    First, it could take longer to finish a hub because you are working around other aspects of your life. It's good to have a balance. The algorithm seems to favor those who publish more frequently, which I believe isn't very fair since many hubbers need to work around day jobs and family life. So, take as long as you need. It will save time later. You have an advantage in that you are coming in after the Panda and other programs that made earlier hubs suddenly filled with errors. I had to spend hours fixing all my old hubs to adhere to new standards, but it was worth it. During that time, I couldn't write new hubs due to spending time fixing old ones.... but eventually I recovered.

    Taking pictures when you see an opportunity for a new hub is good, You can always write the text later.

    Sometimes I create the shell of a hub, with all of the media elements I think would be useful, then write the text. That seems to help the words flow more readily for me.

    1. misslong123 profile image86
      misslong123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Great tips! Thank you so much


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