Who die before their actual death ?

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    SADMANALVIposted 3 years ago

    Who die before their actual death ?

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    connorjposted 3 years ago


    Well perhaps I did. In 2003. I flat-lined and was placed on full life-support from a bleed to the brain. I was comatose for one month before I began to awaken. My first words that I spoke/mumbled out were,  "Is it ok if I go back?" My wife was in my hospital room as I muttered them, she thought at first, I was talking to her. I wasn't; I was speaking to Someone on the otherside, as I was crossing back over through the vail (if you will). I did write a hub about it years ago... Here is the link, http://connorj.hubpages.com/hub/There-a … -Version-2

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    manatita44posted 3 years ago

    Yes, Jconnor, this is one way and has happened to quite a few I know of.

    The other way, Sadmanalvi,  is infinitely darker. People who are alive and sad or full of aloneness and can only see black holes; or those who are seemingly happy and go lucky without a sense of life's purpose. They are seemingly going somewhere but ...

    The Christ has made reference to such people.
    Hopefully Jconnors experience helped him and he is grateful to Something Higher; as well as for the prudence or wisdom gained. God bless him in his new and re-awakened endeavours. God speed!1