How do I transfer my Squidoo content to my Pages lens?

  1. Freedom Ventures profile image72
    Freedom Venturesposted 3 years ago

    How do I transfer my Squidoo content to my  Pages lens?

    My account was apparently transferred in September (2014) but I don't see my Squidoo lens content when I log into my Hub Pages account.

  2. TolovajWordsmith profile image85
    TolovajWordsmithposted 3 years ago

    Log in. Under your username you should see a label 'my account'. Click on it and the list of transferred lenses should be visible. Pay attention on possible warnings. It's very likely lenses were unpublished due lack of engagement.
    This is no biggie, you can probably tweak your articles so they become visible again. In general you need just few visits to earn decent score and hubs will be there. Good luck!