Sad People's Bus

  1. Ron Thinks profile image54
    Ron Thinksposted 8 years ago

    She lost her child on a rainy day
    All she could do now is cry
    She begged the world to return her child
    She longs for the touch
    She longs for the forgotten embrace

    He hurt the one he loved the most
    All he could do now is weep
    He begged time for another chance
    He knows regret is cold dagger
    He can never keep warm smoke in his hand

    The little girl wanted to escape
    It was freedom that she longed for
    It was understanding that she wanted
    It was love she was searching for
    But it was something she did not understand

    The little boy wanted to do this and that
    But he had no arms to reach for his dreams
    He had one leg to run for cover
    His heart was broken in many ways
    He prayed to be remade, but none listened

    The woman wanted to feel beautiful
    She wanted someone to say so
    But even the mirror turns away
    Not even an eye bothers to look at her twice
    Not even her own eyes

    The man wanted to feel needed
    He wanted someone to yearn for him
    But his hand does not recognize affection
    It only knows pain and punishment
    And that is all it gives to him

    I too, rode that bus of sad people
    Everyone around me battled a demon
    Some were losing, some were winning
    Some just wanted the fight to be over
    But I will fight, because I’m not alone

  2. aware profile image68
    awareposted 8 years ago

    hes new cut him some slack. lol