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What was the last lie you told?

  1. Lucy Brian profile image70
    Lucy Brianposted 16 months ago

    What was the last lie you told?

    Desperately waiting for answers! smile)


  2. Kathleen Cochran profile image81
    Kathleen Cochranposted 16 months ago

    I told my daughter-in-law something she did on Thanksgiving didn't upset me when it actually did.  I figured - what difference did it make?  It was done.  Love her anyway.  Hope she'll do the same for me next time!

    1. Lucy Brian profile image70
      Lucy Brianposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      Oh! yeah, and you have really good thoughts.

  3. Au fait profile image93
    Au faitposted 16 months ago

    I do not tell lies.  Not because I'm so perfect or superior to anyone else, but because it's just too much work.

    When one tells a lie one must remember the lie and all of its details.  Otherwise one will trip themselves up with those details at a future date because one can't remember who they told the lie to or what it was about, much less the minute details.

    Much easier to either tell the truth or say nothing at all.  Whatever details one gives, they should be the truth, because even what may seem like minor things can come back and bite your behind if you aren't careful.  So even if you tell only part of something, make sure that part is true.

    I dislike even so-called 'white lies.'  Generally, with just a small effort, one can find something to say that is truthful about most things. 

    If you are complimenting someone on a new outfit, for example, try to be truthful without also being hurtful.  You might say, "I love that color!"  Do not add that the color is perfect for the person wearing it, or any other detail that isn't the truth.  They will of course make the assumption that you think they look good in the new outfit when in fact the only thing you may like about it is the color -- and you may not even like that color with that particular outfit! 

    Do you see what I am saying?  You say, "I love that color!" because you do love that color, but if you do not love that color used on that outfit, or on that person, then don't say you do.  Just stop with what is true, and if necessary distract the person by asking them questions about the outfit.  Where did s/he get it, etc.  Does their significant other like it, do their children like it.  Whatever it takes to get through it until you, or someone, can change the subject.

    If you visit someone's new home, be truthful about what you find attractive about it.  Maybe you think there are too many small rooms and fewer, but larger rooms would be better.  Maybe you hate the neighborhood.  Find something about it you like.  The way it's decorated, the amount of space it affords, how close it is to a lovely park, something that you can truthfully compliment.  Then ask questions if you must.  Let the new owner tell you all about their adventure in moving, or finding the house, or whatever. 

    You may have to think at first if you aren't used to telling the truth in these situations, but before long it will come easy.  Learn to parse your words.

    1. Lucy Brian profile image70
      Lucy Brianposted 16 months agoin reply to this

      You have such amazing thoughts , I appreciate it.
      You are absolutely right , telling lies won't do good.
      I admire your comment !