How do,i,get started? this is my first time to join blogging.

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    ghieratotaoposted 16 months ago

    How do,i,get started? this is my first time to join blogging.

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    skellieposted 16 months ago

    Welcome to hub pages and don't be intimidated smile
    Think of a subject you are interested in and then click the start a hub button, simply follow the prompts every step of the way and I am sure you will develop a great hub.
    Starting is the hardest part.

    The best of luck ghieratotao

  3. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 16 months ago

    ghier........First and foremost:  Hubpages is NOT a site for "blogging."  If you go to the original Home Page and begin reading, you will discover the purpose, intent and goals of HP.  I would recommend you continue to read all the information available which describes our "writer's site."
    You will learn a lot and have nearly all your questions answered, as well as understand the terms of service.
    This is a site for freelance writers, Indie writers  and all individuals whose wish is to improve their writing skills, style and techniques.
    We members do not refer to blogs or blogging in terms of our serious, well-researched articles ("Hubs") which we publish here to display on the WWW. 
    Learn as much as you can and Good Luck.