Dancing with death

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    gothkittyposted 8 years ago

    Sit, watch, and wait, can't get across my mind is turning

    into frost, as i sit, wait, and watch. Nothing happens.. but

    spoke to soon, a wooded ragaly hard floor appears like my heart

    think this is weird.

        Grey skies turns into blackness like my...tears on the

    inside dipped in, some water now its ink. To write these poems,

    stories, and take photos that match the words going through my

    mind of p, s, o, p, poetic, symbols, of, problem. Get up and

    suddently right arm goes up, left up in a circular form.

        As if you're doing the tango then take one step forward.

    Spin around feel yourself taking a step back, some music comes

    on. But refuse to listen, to their kind so you turn it off with

    your mind.

        Feel yourself going backwards but not falling so you

    thought. It let you go down drags you to a chair shows a

    movie of life. Turn your head and close your eyes, cause you

    don't want to see what all of the mess of shit, it has bitten

    you with.

        The music comes back on this time it can't be turned off,

    you close your ears don't want to hear. What is being played

    it yanks you from the chair, you and whatever it is having you

    to do this.

        Can't complain explaim what is being done, but

    can remain expressionless, also numbness. From its dumbness, it

    lifts you up. let you fall hard onto the hard floor, you get

    up everything disappears.

        Your outside its dark the music still playing, start

    walking while walking in the streets you turn around. A hand

    comes out you turn around sees it, feel frozen a rope, swipes

    you in heading towards the darkness.

        Still frozen have no choice but to go in, once in, the

    music stops and plays your music. What i'm saying, dance with

    death it makes you listen. To what it plays, attempt to

    excape...pulls you back in, you still dancing with it, but have

    it to listen to what music you plays