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What should I write about ??

  1. Ria Ahmed profile image60
    Ria Ahmedposted 7 months ago

    What should I write about ??

  2. Diana Lee profile image83
    Diana Leeposted 7 months ago

    Write about what you know.  One cannot go wrong if they can skip some of the research.

    Write about what you love. It's much more fun when we are excited to know more about a subject ourselves.

    Poems and reviews are welcome here as well as opinion articles, research articles and true stories.

    Everyone has a story.  Good luck.  Welcome to HubPages.

  3. tomsmithnow profile image88
    tomsmithnowposted 7 months ago

    Write on a subject your are passionate about or have knowledge of.

  4. Stella Kaye profile image90
    Stella Kayeposted 7 months ago

    Write about what you know and feel passionate about. The reading material you choose on a daily basis can help inspire you to write. If you like travel, as I do, then try your hand at writing a travel article about somewhere you've been. Use your knowledge on a certain subject to inform others. For instance if you're a particularly good gardener, you could write about the plants in your garden. Make a list of your favourite subjects and I'm sure you'll find a wealth of material. It sometimes happens that you know next to nothing about a subject and have to do a great deal of research yourself so you could write about your own experience in finding out about it.