I would love tips for a short story contest.

  1. sarahspradlin profile image95
    sarahspradlinposted 7 weeks ago

    I am participating in a contest that starts Friday. You have 3 days to write an original short story that is under 2,500 words. The catch is that you won't get your genre until that day. So I could potentially have romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror etc...

    If you had 3 days to write a short story. What would be your first steps? Also, is there anything that you think I should do before Friday?

    1. K S Lane profile image93
      K S Laneposted 7 weeks agoin reply to this

      Oooh, this sounds fun! Before Friday perhaps experiment and come up with a few basic outlines for characters that you'd like to include in your story. Of course, filling in the details will have to wait until after you've gotten your genre, but certain personality traits could be transferable whether you get horror or romance.  ThenI'd spend up to a day or two plotting out the general shape of the story. Since it can't be over 2500 words the actual writing bit shouldn't take up too much time (though of course I'd revise the finished product a few times). Good luck!!