History In American Poetry

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    Brenda Smithposted 7 years ago

    It is important for a new writer to familiarize themselves with the history and discovery of the poet. On my hub you can find information. from the Wikimedia. an e- based encylopedia , where you can go to find just about any information research wise on any subject.

    I happened upon this when I was looking for some information to
    help the new poet as well as my self.

    When there is a passion there is a poet. Sometimes we need to re-fuel so to speak. Start with the basics and work your way up.

    I often times have written a poem after sleeping which was inspired by a dream. Some great writings can come from a dream.
    It is called a dream journal. Some of you may ask what is this ?

    Well it is a notebook to keep by your bed so you can keep a dream
    journal and hopefully be inspired to write a poem or short fiction story.
    I will call this tip one for a new writer.