This is my poem about one of our Naughty Politicians

  1. theirishobserver. profile image61
    theirishobserver.posted 8 years ago

    The Man I Am

    A Tribute to John O’Donoghue TD



    In 1956 the world became great,
    When Zero came to town,
    Lord he was funny, and fond of the money,
    But never his own did spend.

    The Brothers taught him in Cahirciveen,
    And in 78 law would become his call,
    Soon he got bored representing the horde,
    And decided to give politics a go.

    1981 and twice in 82 he was rejected,
    He did not know what to do,
    Then in 85 Kerry took a dive,
    As onto the County Council he did go.

    Soon feed up with his cries of hard done,
    The electorate decided to give him a run,
    The Bull was proud as a man could be,
    Soon appearing on National TV.

    There he was in the 25th Dail,
    Subsidised beef and corrupt FF,
    Charlie gave him a position in 91,
    Albert soon had that undone.

    In 95 on opposition front bench,
    From where he could babble and wrench,
    Alongside Birty and the rest,
    Morriarty said some of the best.

    Finally his day it did come,
    On Government bench he sat his bum,
    1997 and the 28th Dail,
    A roller coaster for Fianna Fail.

    Now a player in the 28th Dail,
    The well to do he would spoil,
    Equestrian Centres and sports halls too,
    To get the votes he knew what to do.

    Soon his folly would be undone,
    Convicted prisoner exposed him for fun,
    Before District Court he had to stand,
    Lesson learned his feet of sand.

    Embarrassment caused he had to go,
    Minister for tennis balls would have to do,
    Never bite off more than you can chew,
    Expenses lavished on the chosen few.

    Appointing cheer leaders to cosy jobs,
    Filling his pockets with Tax Payers bobs,
    Lavish expenses would be the way,
    Top hotels by night Gondala by day.

    Ceann Comhairle job became free,
    John Boy thought that’s for me,
    He jumped at the chance and waded in,
    Sat and dictated with muttly grim.

    Never before had it been seen,
    Staff and expenses became obscene,
    Enda, Eamon and Caoimhgim too,
    They knew what they had to do.

    They said out loud you must go,
    Join Birty on the back row,
    Dark caricature was painted well,
    The man I am began to smell.

    Never before in the history of the Dail,
    Had position of Ceann Comhairle began to soil,
    The Kerry Bull and his ignorant way,
    The lads made sure he had his day.

    Now the Bull has been penned,
    A clear message we must send,
    Back to the place where you belong,
    For you have sung your swan song.

    Also see this singing tribute to John O’Donoghue on YouTube:

  2. theirishobserver. profile image61
    theirishobserver.posted 8 years ago

    This Politician said he would have Zero Tolerance of bad citizenship - then it was discovered that he had used hundreds of thousands of Tax Payers money to buy luxuries for himself and his wife smile


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