The Two Foundations In Life

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    surealworldposted 7 years ago

    There are two kind of hearts in this world
        One is soft like clay
        it lends itself to be molded by the hand of God

        One is hard like rock
        it lends itself to be molded by the hand of the world

        There are two kinds of faith in this world
        Some put their faith in mental and physical strengths
        That come from with in themselves
        Some put their faith in the wisdom and power
        That comes from God above

        There are two kinds of foundations that lives are built upon
         Some are built upon a foundation of faith love , hope

         Some are built upon a foundation of  selfishness, pride and greed

         There will come many great storms throughout life
          they will test the foundations we have built upon

         Some will stand strong and unmovable
         like a sea wall holding back the ocean

         some will be weak and be swept away
         Like a sand castle is washed away by the tide of the sea

        Silent  Songs : written by Stephen J. Vattimo 
       Mach 11, 1993

    1. Shadesbreath profile image84
      Shadesbreathposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I love it, your metaphors are fantastic. I see how, because a sea wall is made of stone, something solid, of the earth, "hard as rock" and "molded by the hand" of tangible man and relies on that tangible physicality and strength to hold back the amorphous sea, that it is real power and real security.  I love how you juxtaposed that with the intangible and amorphous faith in the wisdom of a divine being and other soft, ambiguous stuff like clay, suggesting that religion is selfish, prideful and greedy.  That's awesome, and it has played out so true throughout history with all the bloodbaths and stuff in the name of the various gods, not to mention all the people who aren't saved from horrible "storms" and the high waters of disease and privation despite their piety and endless prayers, which in the end are weak and wash away like sand.  Really good job capturing all that.  I love it!!!