first chapter of Roulette wonder

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    umyjayposted 8 years ago

    comment and tell me what you think:)

    Laynee Williams!i was pulled from my dream as i heard someone calling my name.“Laynee!“i looked up , i should have known who it would be , Mrs Wright stood staring at me from the front of the classroom an annoyed expression on her face.“Honestly Laynee , why do you bother coming to my class if you’re just going to sit there staring out that window?what are you looking at anyway?”.“probabally her reflection" someone from the back of the class said between sniggers,i recognised the voice as Rory Falkers , he was your typical “bad boy"answered back to teachers , all the guys in the class looked up to him so that made him popular in himself.“wow , Rory your comebacks are so funny , why are you at school?you coukd be making millions as a comedian!"i replied.he muttered something unintelligible under his breath , as i turned back to the whiteboard.“thank you Rory i think we’ve heard quite enough from you young man now get back to work, miss Williams i will speak to you after class"drat!i thought to myself i was hoping to get home early , “yeah okay miss"i muttered to myself.

    The bell rang and as i bent to pick up my books , something out the window caught the corner of my eye , it was a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes but he looked about my age.Then funny thing was i hadn’t seen him around here before and i knew everyone at this school , well obviously hes knew i thought to myself hes standing at the front entrance of the school and only newbies and teachers used that side everyone else used the back entrance because it was closer to the canteen and there were more student carparks over that side…“Laynee , our talk?”.”“coming miss”“i replied sneaking one last glance out the window but the boy was gone now , i was surprised to find this bothered me , but why?its not like i know him i told myself , but i couldn’t get that expression out of my mind.the way he had been looking at the Makinley High School plaque with a mix of surprise and shock on his face.what was so odd about the school name?it was no different to Cashmere College or Mountain View and the school had a great history.Mr William Makinley a famous war veteran had been the hero of this town since before the school was built it made sense to name thew school after him ,i had no time to ponder on these thoughts however as Mrs Wright had begun talking..“Laynee , what is it?is it the class?because everyday you sit there in that corner of the room satring out that window as if you’d rather be anywhere but here, ive spoken to your other teachers and the only class you seem to be interested in is Photography”.“I know miss its not the class” , i found it easier to lie if i didn’t like a person so it was no wonder i was lying through my teeth and Mrs Wright didn’t even realise of course i wasn’t going to tell her my real reasons for taking 5th period biology some things she just didn’t need to know.,i studied her face she was getting ready to launch into one of her long lectures they could go on for hours and i simply didn’t need that right now so i cut her short “excuse me miss i really don’y like the look of that sky so im going to have to love ya and leave ya , but it was nice talking to you” i gave her my sweetest smile as i saw her lips purse and her eyes narrow before i ran out of the room.Now im not proud of my actions , the whole point is to show no fear towards your teachers but either way i knew i was going to be in trouble tomorrow. I went back to pondering about the blonde boy i had seen and felt dissappoingted all over again as i registered the thought that maybe he wasn’t going to be attending my school maybe he had just simply been standing there or maybe even waiting for someone , there had to be about five school sin the town and that wasn’t including the distracts , he could easily be at one of those schools.“Alright! , i said aloud to myself , if i don’t see him again by the end of the week il ask around but i wish i had taken a photo"Hold on now Laynee!a voice in the back of my head shouted at me , you don’t what to get yourself caught up in this sort of behaviour , i pushed the voice away it wasn’t like i was going to stalk him , i was just curious.

    I smiled to myself as i reached the student car park glad to have a new project , i had reached my car now i once read that everybody has a car similar to their personality and this was true for my friends , Emma Davies had a Toyota civic with its projected sound system that complimented her loud voice that could be heard over the other side of the school if you really listened and my other friend Terry Jansen had a 1992 Honda Prelude little and cute like him but also attention graqbbing and fast when you hit vtech.Terry was fast when he had a job to do.My r32 Nissan Skyline with its rb30dt engine and two toned paint job of metallic pink on shiny black wasnt really like me at all it attracted alot of attention expecially at shops or traffic lights where it often got wolf whistled unlike myself who faded into the shadows , it wasn’t that i was shy i just preferred not to draw to much attention to myself i was more suited for something like a Nissan S car Go , boring and reliable.

    Iglanced around the car park surprised to see Rory Falkers Mitsubishi Laurell still sitting in its place but where was Rory?i soon found out when a car horn beeped scaring the living daylights out of me i looked behind me to see Rory sitting in my Skyline and instantly felt in my pocket for my keys coming up empty , that little rat had pocket knabbed me!Rory must have seen the look on my face as he climbed out of my car he chucked me my keys , Sorry Laynee but it was the only way you would listen to me and i really need to talk to you

    Rory was right of course.i tried to avoid him at every opportunity, but stealing my car keys?maybe he was trying for a criminal record.“Rory!“i half shouted the words at him “you could have just sat in your own car and waited for me"he was silent as he absorbed my words and i stilfled the laugh threatening to escape my lips , why was i laughing?i thought Rory was annoying not funny.“yeah , well i didn’t think of that did i?now are you going to listen or not Laynee?or should i just go home?“He was suddenly defensive , looked like Rory didn’t like being made a fool of , interesting i thought to myself why does he act like an idiot if he doesn’t want people thinking hes stupid?“yeah alright , but make it quick Rory i was in a hurry to get home before Mrs Wright held me back"Rory scoffed"you actually stayed?should have told the old bat to get stuffed!“he grinned wickedly.“whatever” i replied as i turned to get into my car

    “Laynee!“you couldn’t miss the note of urgency in his voice , so clear it made me freeze in my tracks , i looked him in the eye and was shocked to see fear beneath the surface"i saw what you were looking at out the window"his voice sounded far away,“and what?“my tone came out icy though i don’t know why.“stay away from him Laynee”.“from who?“i said these words and tried to look confused although we both knew who Rory was talking about.he gave a wary sigh and it was his eyes that looked far away this time"Look , Laynee just listen for once okay?you don’t want to get caught up with him”.for once?what was that supposed to mean?i gave Rory my best hostile glare as he got in his car and drove away.Rory Falker of all people did not know me well enough to go making judgements so he could just keep them to himself as far as i was concerned.I hated how he could turn me from happy to defensive to annoyed all in one conversation but none of these issues were the real problem here , it still bothered me that i cared what he thought and i couldn’t stop the questions from forming in my mind how did Rory know the blonde boy?and what did he have against him?


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