What is the funniest experience you have had while traveling? Please describe wh

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  1. Daisy Mariposa profile image75
    Daisy Mariposaposted 10 years ago

    What is the funniest experience you have had while traveling? Please describe what happened.


  2. Nell Rose profile image88
    Nell Roseposted 10 years ago

    Hi Daisy, one of the funniest was when I was traveling by train. There was an old guy, he looked homeless, and he was sitting behind me. He suddenly decided in a loud voice to figure out how to stop the train if there was an emergency. He got up, looked around, got on his hands and knees and felt under the seats, then exclaimed in a loud voice 'Whats with the stupid hammer?' Me being me, had to explain that it was for knocking the windows out! he then wanted to know how it worked, which part of the window, how to get out and so on! by this time my partner was hiding behind his newspaper in hysterics! especially the bit when I joined the old guy on the floor to show him the other hidden instruments for escape! lol1 that was some journey I can tell you!

    1. Daisy Mariposa profile image75
      Daisy Mariposaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Nell, as I was reading your anecdote and laughing aloud, I was thinking you were going to say the old guy tested the hammer to see if it actually broke the window...Thank goodness he didn't break the window! He might have said you told him to do it!

    2. Nell Rose profile image88
      Nell Roseposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      He was going too! lol! I had to talk him out of trying! it got a bit hairy there for a time! lol!

    3. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Great story! It is so funny, and so human. Thank you for the laughs.

  3. Diana Lee profile image81
    Diana Leeposted 10 years ago

    Back in the mid 90s my mother-in-law and I were walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City when a seagull poos right down the front of my black satin blouse.  We grab tissues to clean it off and I'm sure I have it all.  We go in and out of one casino and then another. Right before time to catch our bus home we go into a restroom where I look in a mirror and notice I must have had some poo on my sleeve, as I had wiped it up and down my side and hadn't even noticed it. When we got on the bus I announce I had lost all the way around getting crapped on and broke to boot. My fellow travelers roared with laughter. Guess I was a comic that day.

  4. Stephanie Henkel profile image94
    Stephanie Henkelposted 10 years ago

    We've seen some pretty odd things in our travels, but one of the very strangest was in the Florida Keys.

    We were driving on the one very busy highway from Key West back to our campsite in Key Largo when I noticed a man by the side of the road on his cell phone. Thinking that his car broke down somewhere close by, I looked around and there was a good sized speed boat up in a tree at the water's edge.

    My guess is that it was going fast, hit a log under the surface of the water, became air borne and landed in the tree. Unfortunately, traffic was moving too fast for me to get a picture, but I do wonder how he explained that to his insurance company!

    1. Daisy Mariposa profile image75
      Daisy Mariposaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Stephanie, I've been on that highway. With the amount of traffic the road gets, it would have been impossible for you to turn around, drive back to the tree, and take a photo.

      What a photo that would have been!

  5. CMCastro profile image73
    CMCastroposted 10 years ago

    My parents and I were on vacation in our timeshare in Virginia when I was in my twenties. We were getting ready to leave, getting close to our check out time. Our suitcases and our bags of dirty clothes at the doorway, I was helping with carrying things to the car. The housekeeper showed up while were moving things out, and she was there getting ready to clean even while we were there. She had bags of her supplies with her, and she had placed her bags next to ours. I put everything that was by the front door in the trunk of the car and shut it, and it was a long 4 hour drive home.  Later that evening, when my parents and I were home and unpacking, my Dad had discovered I had brought home the dirty linens that the housekeeper had taken out of our timeshare. My Mother was upset, but all my Dad could do was laugh! We washed the linens, and never returned them, and I can remember using them on my bed for 24 more years!

    1. Sue Bailey profile image67
      Sue Baileyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      That's so funny, but at least you got more bed linen!

    2. whatonmelodysmind profile image58
      whatonmelodysmindposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      so funny!

  6. teaches12345 profile image80
    teaches12345posted 10 years ago

    Traveling down highway 81in Virginia and watching all the cars pull over before us.  No Apparent reason. However we were each wearing a three cornered hat we had just picked up in Williamsburg.  It was too funny.  Guess you had to have been there.

  7. Vinaya Ghimire profile image79
    Vinaya Ghimireposted 10 years ago

    Once I was in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. The elephant ride in Chitwan is very popular with  domestic and foreign tourists. I was enjoying jungle safari riding on the elephant's back. Suddenly, the elephant I was riding tried to mate with his partner. The experience scared people on the back of two elephants. We were relieved, when the elephants separated. When I think about the incident, it beings smile on my face.

    1. Daisy Mariposa profile image75
      Daisy Mariposaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Vinaya, thinking about this incident only brings a smile to your face?

      I read your anecdote twice, and each time I did, my ribs hurt from my laughing so hard!

    2. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      It is hilarious to read, it must have been shocking at the time!

  8. Say Yes To Life profile image80
    Say Yes To Lifeposted 10 years ago

    Summer of 1990, I made a week long reservation at the Bandon Oregon youth hostel.  By the time I had made the 11 hour drive from Silicon Valley, they were totally booked, and had accidently given away my reservation, so they put me in a mixed gender overflow room for free.  I was tired, so I went straight to bed.  Half an hour later, some people came in, and every time someone passed my bunk, I smelled stale alcohol (drinking wasn't allowed in hostels in those days).  Finally, everyone was in bed; then I heard someone urinating.  Instantly I woke up, and saw a guy peeing in the doorway to the bathroom; apparently, he thought he was standing over the toilet.  I yelled, "What are you doing?!"  He was startled, then went into the bathroom to finish his business.
    The next morning, I reported him to the staff.  They apologized profusely, gave me a huge free breakfast, and made a reservation for me to spend the rest of my week at a brand new (and empty) hostel in Mt. Shasta, CA. I drove there, paid the $50 for the week, and enjoyed a relaxing stay there.

    1. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Quite an adventure. Reminds me of an 'bathroom' story when Kati and I were on Oahu and using the public showers. She has short hair, and was headed into the woman's side when a park employee rather roughly said, 'Sir, you go to the men's side!'

  9. freecampingaussie profile image62
    freecampingaussieposted 10 years ago


    We were in St Marks Square ,Venice years ago
    - 2 families talking together  and an American woman walked up to us and said loudly while waving her arms   "Your American ' No we are Australian" We replied ....
    " But you speak Englis so well "she said .... What did she think we spoke in Australia lol !!
    We couldn't stop laughing & my husband at the time ave her a brief history lesson !

    1. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      In N.Z. a man in line ahead yelled 'I nearly ran over 2 people! We should have been told about driving on the wrong side!'
      Someone said, 'there are books.' He said, 'I will put up a sign 'I voted for George Bush' and people will know I an American!'

  10. Kevin Peter profile image60
    Kevin Peterposted 10 years ago

    Once  I was having a train journey. I was travelling along with one of my friends. There was a guy who was seated infront of me. He was simply looking on my face and laughing. I felt a bit confused and made my friend know this. He said that he too had the same experience. We too started laughing even without knowing the reason as we couldn't control our laughter. 
    It was too late when we came to know that the pasenger who laughed at us was actually blind. We laughed a lot at our foolishness!!!

    1. whatonmelodysmind profile image58
      whatonmelodysmindposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      that was really funny.

  11. Tricia1000 profile image66
    Tricia1000posted 10 years ago

    It happened in Frankfurt, Germany.  We arrived by train with a lot of luggage from Rothenberg-ob-der-Tauber and joined the queue for a taxi to our hotel.  I have always been very impressed with the organised way in which taxis are managed abroad and appreciate that taxi drivers also have to wait their turn until they are front in line to pick up waiting passengers.  Our taxi driver waited a long time before he could pick up any passengers which turned out to be us.  He was very angry when he learned that our hotel was just one block away and he scolded us in German from the station to the hotel.  I can speak and understand German and no matter how we explained that we did not realise the hotel was this close, he did not care.  He charged us a lot of Euros for the short ride and while driving away after he dropped us we could still hear his angry voice.  We could just laugh at ourselves and for being so "rude" to "rob" the taxi driver of a better fee.

    1. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Our son, German-born, was at SFO when a porter insisted on carrying his luggage in. New to America, he did not know a tip was expected. The porter said, 'Who is going to take care of me?' Puzzled, Arne answer, 'I don't know, your mother?'

  12. profile image59
    ElleBeeposted 10 years ago

    I think my funniest was when I did a homestay in Mexico during my senior year of HS.  I was there for a bit over a week and our homestay was for 2 or 3 nights. My friend and I were assigned to stay w/ a woman and her sons, and the day she picked us up she was asking us questions to get to know us.  So basically the conversation started off with "Where are you from?" "Massachusetts."  "Is that near Boston?" "Yes, Boston's part of MA" etc.  Then she was asking us if we were from a city or a small town, what it looked like there etc.  Everything is going pretty well, until she asks what houses are usually made of where we're from.  So I answer and tell her they are made of wood.  And then she responded with "Oh, pero es mas facil para los ladrones?"  Not really knowing what she was asking I just said "Si."  Turns out she was asking if having wooden houses made it easier for thieves, because they could just break through the walls with an axe!  My friends Spanish wasn't very good, but she knew the word for thief and figured out the question.  I didn't really know how to respond so I just said "No, most thieves just use the door."

    1. Emanate Presence profile image70
      Emanate Presenceposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Good story, well told.

  13. Emanate Presence profile image70
    Emanate Presenceposted 10 years ago

    Ai yi yi. Most of my travel stories are more adventuresome than funny.

    In India, there were two diesel-powered rickshaws that Kati and our teenaged son Marc piled into. They into one and I into the other, with our ten or so bags piled all around us. Kati is 6'1", Marc is 6'6", and I am 6' - so we were folded with our legs like pretzels around the suitcases.

    The two drivers careened through traffic, around holy cows, etc. - with our request to go to the bus station. But they stopped instead at a taxi stand. I was so fed up at this point with drivers trying to get us to spend more money, I said, 'Take us to the bus station! B-U-S station!' For years after, Kati, Marc and I laughed at my expression, an unusually forceful outburst from me.

    But the funniest in my recollection is when Kati and I moved from Spain back to America in 2001. Kati and I were weary from the emotional drain of leaving our two sons in Spain, tight on money, having no prospects in America. We landed in Orlando, it was maybe 2 - 3 a.m. and we were riding the escalator up with our luggage.

    Somehow the weight of my suitcase pulled me from behind, and I went toppling in a backwards summersault over it. The stairs still moving upwards, the heavy suitcase then rolled over me, and this continued in slow motion until someone pressed the stop button.

    It was so ridiculous, and I was so tired, though banged up some by the experience, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Where we went from there - hitch-hiking up to Georgia and later driving in a van given to us by someone who paid it forward - across America - then traveling to the Hawaiian islands with $500 each and staying for 3 years - then to New Zealand - made stories for 4 hubs starting with 'Adventures of the Soul, Part One: Out of the Box.'

    Thanks for asking.

  14. FlourishAnyway profile image96
    FlourishAnywayposted 10 years ago

    My husband, parents and young daughter (7 years old at the time) toured Northern Ireland and Ireland on a tour bus with 40 strangers who quickly learned a bit too much about some of us. 

    The first day of our trip, we stopped at a cathedral and my mother and little girl went into the rest room -- a one-seater that opened up directly to a hallway.  My child forgot she wasn't at home, so when she finished peeing, she left the rest room door wide open. 

    My mother was left stranded on the toilet with her pants and nylon support hose around her ankles.  (Try getting those up quickly.)  There was a large procession of tourists passing by the doorway looking in at her naked bum as she shouted, "Emma, Emma, close the door!"  Memories.

  15. profile image54
    vikramdude745posted 10 years ago

    one of the funniest experience that i had was during my school days when i was travelling from Dubai(U.A.E) to Mumbai(India).

    It was after my summer vacations. I was returning home to India to start my 4th std in school. However when i reached the Mumbai airport i was told that they have misplaced my luggage and that my luggage has gone to Hong Kong as the flight was having an halt in mumbai before travelling ahead to hongkong. The best part i was a YPTA( Young Passenger Travelling Alone) and loosing my luggage and that time felt the best experience. Now i had 4 days of studies i could not do. And which kid and that moment in life not feel happy about missing out on homework.

    Four days it was not my laziness but the custom authorities mistake that helped me skip out on homework. Thank you for one of the most relaxing 4days of my life.

  16. kidscrafts profile image77
    kidscraftsposted 10 years ago

    It was a long time ago, I was around 6 years old and I was living in Africa, about 2 years before my parents came back to Belgium.  I was at a yacht club in Usumbura (*) near the Tanganyika Lake.  As I was walking on the floating board walk (sorry I don't know the word in English) between the boats, there was a empty space for one boat between two other boats.... and further away was an hippopotamus.  So I was standing there watching the hippopotamus.... a man walked behind me and then stopped.  Then he called the hippopotamus "come hippo, come eat the little girl".  The hippopotamus started to move to place himself exactly between the two boats.... I never ran so fast in my life!  As an adult, I can laugh about that now.... but I can tell you that at that time I was really scared :-)

    (*) that city changed name later on and is known now as Bujumbura.

    1. Qmarpat profile image63
      Qmarpatposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      That's a very funny story, must have been really scary.

  17. celeste inscribed profile image91
    celeste inscribedposted 10 years ago

    I was traveling internationally with my son who was 6 years old at the time. We had a stop over in Amsterdam and we had to change terminals. I was so busy telling him to watch his step on the moving walkway that we were on that I didn't notice the end coming up. He jumped and I was about to tell him not to jump on the conveyer when I hit the floor face down. He was actually doing what I told him to do and that was to jump off when we reached the end of the conveyer. I caused a back up while I scrambled to my feet. My sweet little boy just looked at me and didn't even smile.

  18. profile image53
    Serbenniaposted 10 years ago

    I went through the airport asking workers (including a pilot) "Where is the UFO?" I actually meant the "USO" for military people.  I didn't realize what I was saying until someone answered saying, "Somewhere in outer space."  Then I stopped and laughed at myself!

  19. Shelley H Cruz profile image82
    Shelley H Cruzposted 6 years ago


    When walking in Hong Kong  last month, my son pointed out that we were  ON SUM STREET!   I love visiting Hong Kong!

  20. Lindsay Langstaff profile image70
    Lindsay Langstaffposted 6 years ago

    I didn't do this, but in Hungary (and probably other countries) they have what is called a "beer bike." Basically, you get together a bunch of friends and rent this bike where you can drink beer while peddling around the city. It was hands down the funniest thing to see! The people who riding those bikes were always awesome and would wave, yell, and get everyone around them really hyped up. It was quite the sight!

  21. RosarioBVillaluz profile image58
    RosarioBVillaluzposted 6 years ago

    dubbed as the "Balcony of Geneva" Switzerland, we're excited to climb Mount Saleve, France through a cable car, to see the full view of Geneve atop. only to find out that it was so foggy up there and the only thing we could see were ourselves and the misty surroundings. we're just all laughing out and enjoy taking turns picture taking our ourselves.

  22. profile image53
    fatemehmposted 6 years ago

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