In this age of specialization , are writers mor open minded than other

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    Dennis Paceposted 6 years ago

    In modern society , specialization is almost a necessity. How ever does that leave us lacking in other areas.  We know so much about some things and so very little about everything else. this also leads to a know it all attitude, because we think that we know it all and in reality do not.  So then  are writers more open minded or more closed minded than other professionals?  At first thought I would guess, more open minded, but then on the other hand writers tend to be educators more than learners at some point. And like to defend to the death their written point of view.  I have seen many knock down drag out battles on other forums. defending some unimportant writers point of view.

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      Kylo88posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      the problem boils down to selfishness. i run into the same problem with my books. the people i want to read it are my author friends, but all they are intrested in is me reading their stuff, which i do. it's like they don't get that it's a 2 way thing!