Wow...Why Haven't You Written that Down?

  1. NateSean profile image76
    NateSeanposted 6 years ago

    I hate one sided conversations. You get these from emotionally needy people and the mentally unstable. Usually it's hour after hour of, "blabbity, blabbity, blabbity", or it's a story where the person clearly was in the wrong but they want you to validate that they were right somehow.

    But every so often, I'll be talking to someone. And they'll tell me a perfectly coherent story that falls under one of two categories:

    1: Complete BS, but otherwise better than most published fiction.

    2: A genuine stranger than fiction true story that would actually sell magazines or books. Heck, maybe it would make a great short film or a graphic novel. Maybe I should paint an image of it?

    It leaves me to wonder why this person hasn't tried to write this story down. Or why I'm being so honorable by not adapting that story for my own gain.

    The best example of BS I can come up with is a story my coworker told me about a murder that occurred in connection with a girl he knew as a child. The story was utter BS, but it was as entertaining and riveting as any Robert Patterson novel.

    And a good stranger than fiction story would be a story someone told me about an Ostrich farm. I know it to be true because I know that ostrich and emu farms are not uncommon in this country. But I still think it should be written down and told to other people.

    Have you encountered stories like this in your lifetime?

    1. Ansem profile image53
      Ansemposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      hm, I was beaten as a kid and made it..and I now hate when people use their past to explain choices they make. Murderers for example. We make our own choices. That's it. I couldn't let your story be left hanging or else it would have been one of those one sided convos you were talking about