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  1. joshua lytle profile image58
    joshua lytleposted 6 years ago

    The night is dark we can see no light, it terrifies, it makes us question and wonder why, if there's light, why's the night so dark...

    1. Jaggedfrost profile image83
      Jaggedfrostposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      The night grows no brighter
      my blighted friend
      if in a war that grows nastier
      you don't pick a side
      and give everything nay all
      to see your side victorious
      yes you can not see
      when standing on a fense

    2. Uriel profile image83
      Urielposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Lonely: A poem for the lost:

      Lonely Star shines up in the sky
      Its light sometimes fades, up high
      I look at the sky that has never been blue
      And I saw Lonely casting downwards its hue
      To me it spoke about the cold
      A heart of stone, taking an icy road
      And I looked at myself into her shattered mirror
      Of shared dark emotions and gasped out of horror
      I have also been robbed of the warmth so fast
      In this world of cold emotions which was vast
      And I watched for a long time the lonely star

      Yet the star kept fighting the night though so far
      The treacherous mist tried to smother her & choke
      Yet it fought and screamed, and about hope it spoke
      It cast its words down on my wavering heart
      And told me light and darkness never depart
      And though the night promised to tear her apart
      And To fill her void with poisonous doubt
      She cast her glorious light, proud
      And never made a doubtful sound
      And she shed out of pain a couple of tears
      As I knew the dark will realize her fears
      As the night cast its cloak on her body
      No one was there to hear her calls nobody
      Distress took control over her mind
      And in the darkness hope she tried to find
      It yelped yet, Lonely was not ready to break
      Though the dark was like a night snake
      Treacherous and poisonous ready to kill
      And the lonely star’s blood was gonna spill
      To the human race, it looked downwards and smiled
      And as she drifted searching for a place to hide
      She called: for only in the darkest nights
      Will we shine, amidst the brightest stars

  2. ahorseback profile image41
    ahorsebackposted 6 years ago

    No fears of darkness
    no ....there is meaning there
    No hiding around the firelight
    no difference in the air
    No stars shine in the day
    no moon to caress the heart
    No fears of the darkness
    no ....we do need the night