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    kanika ilangoposted 7 years ago

    The priceless gift that Lord gives to parents,
    Is the gift that’s child.
    When he or she crawls,
    Trying to walk but falls,
    Is the sweetest child.

    As a baby from mother’s womb,
    Till the journey untold,
    Is relished by anyone or not,
    But adored by parents.

    When he or she joins school,
    Each achievements they bring forth,
    Brings unbound joy.

    When he becomes a teenager,
    And shares his first crush with his mom,
    He is given the good advice,
    To have a healthy relationship.

    Those who don’t have a child,
    Their pain is hidden,
    And they try to cherish,
    By mingling with other children.

    God promised Abraham,
    He shall have decendents,
    Like stars of the sky & sand of the sea shore,
    So shall lord bless those,
    Who long for a child,
    For that means,
    A broad smile in their face,
    Without saying what they had gone through afterall!

    A child is that happiness,
    A reason for people,
    To lead a happy life,
    Vanishing every office trouble,
    When their child is in front.

    This gift they safely handle,
    And say may my child achieve,
    Everything he or she desires,
    Get the best in life,
    For this is their lucky charm,
    That wiped away their tears when sad,
    Even if death comes they won’t feel bad,
    Because their reason to live,
    Was this sweetest child,
    And now he’s on his own,
    So they can enter the eternal sleep,
    For they have enjoyed a lot,
    And now shall close their eyes,
    With one hope,
    After spending an excellent tenure in earth,
    They shall once again meet in heaven,
    And thank & rejoice in Lord,
    For the priceless gift they have!