Looking For Readers In My Niche- Fantasy/Heroic Adventures

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    ChelyReneeposted 6 years ago

    I've always loved World of Warcraft since I began playing it over two years ago. I've written short articles to help new players, I've ran a few leveling guilds and been the mentor among newbs.

    If you're familiar with RP at all, then you'll know where I'm coming from when I say I want to write RP stories about the quests in WoW. Many times, those players who do RP (instead of rushing to get to top level), will add commentary and other actions to what they do in-game. It can be with quests, with other players, or just alone somewhere in the game-world.

    I've started a piece about a character named Eloranan. I'm looking for people who enjoy this type of fiction. It runs closely with such movies as The Lord of the Rings so if you liked that storyline, then you just might like mine!

    So stop by my hub, sit a spell.. then tell me what you think!

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