You Got Character? Who is Rhonda Loving?

  1. Jason Marovich profile image87
    Jason Marovichposted 6 years ago

    Alright.  I'm working on a novel.  It's my first attempt at really producing a finished and polished product.  What I've discovered is that I'm really enjoying developing my characters.  I've read where others enjoy this aspect of fiction as much as I have.  So, let's play a game smile

    I'll start by giving a description of a fictional character.

    Rhonda Loving.

    She's from Brooklyn, in New York City.  She dreamed of getting into the music business when she was younger, but she got pregnant, the loser ran off, and now she gets up and goes to work everyday to support her young son.


    I'm writing an epic fantasy novel, I didn't start this thread to pick your brains.  It's a game to play, so use free thought, don't use quality stuff that someone will strike it rich with wink

    Who is Rhonda Loving?  HubPages Community together can create a fascinating character.