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Theme Journaling

Updated on May 21, 2015
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I've always wanted to be a writer in some fashion and now I am... be it blogging, hubs or writing a couple of story or poems for fun

Too many interests?

Sometimes one Journal just isn't enough, some of us have too many interests. We may have one for daily use or to just write important evens and what happened, others travel and that's when they like to write (a lot cheaper to do than buying keepsakes) Some art now good writers but great at drawing and other artistic endavors so this lens are for theme journaling.

How many themes is there?

as I already mentioned, Travel Art there's also Baby, Pet, Fitness/diet to name a few, Books (what read, want to etc) Same for movies. Even a journal on writing a story (keeping names, places and ideas together, and from experience.. it sucks when you cannot draw up a sketch as to what your character looks like.)

right now I've got only a few templates noted I will include more types as I think of and find them

Supplies (depending on theme)

This is for the Travel & Art

* = optional basically in addition to the basic items

  1. scissors
  2. glue (stick is faster espcially if you are traveling just pack 1 for each week) or

    pick up one of those SMASH book brand pens w/ the glue stick included on back

  3. Pens Blue or Black & *some colors

    The pen with the 10 different colored inks in it, or a pack of at least 5 colored in the small pocket size are great

    the R.S.V.P. Brand I think has it so their can be kept (maybe even comes with) a D-clip to hold them on your bag or belt loop)

  4. Art* supplies Oil pastels Crayons, Markers, colored pencils, paints (click for samples of travel kitsetc. Bring one or 2 if traveling.

    I suggest Pencils and or Oil pastels (just as long as its not hot where you go, otherwise just use the colored pencils)

  5. Traveling? bring some Travel scrapbooking themed paper & embellishments* along.

    I've found a few passports to do some mini, also I've found a boarding pass, as well as baggage tag. Also be sure to find stickers etc of where you are going like Eiffel towers for Paris, Big Ben Parliament building etc for England etc.)

  6. Small ruler

My Theme Journals

Wide Open - Art Journaling

Wide Open: Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge (Book & Card Kit)
Wide Open: Inspiration and Techniques for Art Journaling on the Edge (Book & Card Kit)

This is a cool set to get you started with art journaling. It comes with a journal some of the pages already look painted (& that's before I used it, I guess that's just in case you don't paint it etc.

The set also comes with creativity & technique (prompt) cards. I've drawn 2 cards out of the deck 1 says Crayon in your pocket This is to do 'Rubbings' man hole covers, sides of buildings, wood grain tombstones . The back of the card also more or less shows what the technique looks like. My other card says TAPE, tape black electrical tape across a page and write with a white paint pen, Masking tape is good with sharpies or even better paints Duct tape and all these come in a variety of colors. use the decorative tape that has flowers or whatever on it as well. This would make a great cabin fever reliever buster I think.


Travel Journals

I ALWAYS carry a notebook or pad and pen everywhere I go. Even if its just a sheet of paper, to write a number or something down.

I always have a small pocket journal on me as I note what I eat in it, as well as things I've done in the day the weather and so on. i do carry a separate journal with me for travel to write down everything I saw, and did maybe even include a pic or postcard in it. As well as business cards from restaurants and shops I went to incase I visit again and want to go.

Write what you liked about the restaurant and food was the staff friendly, a certain theme to it and so on.

MY Travel Journal Writing kit ideas

Travel writing and Art kit

From What I see in here, there's a camera

Pen, Marker, Decorative tape, a Travel guide (of city) an 'adventure book'

I think there's a couple of snacks in the pocket on the back. Correction tape "meter money' Post-it pad & 2 products I can't make out

a good idea of what to include might be some first aid ointment & a few band aids for emergency

mechanical pencil & lead

Tissues would be a good idea as well as moist wipes (esp. if you will use paints or charcoal)

here's the The MOST BASIC travel writing kit

Works Travel Template

What's in your Travel Kit?

Odd box.. LOVE the book 'safes' I thought might be a cool idea for carrying your travel kit. (get one big or deep enough it will hold your pocket journal (or whatever size you use for travel) and all the supplies (maybe even a few extra)

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