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Updated on February 4, 2017

Love - My Definition

by: Yollie M. Bunag

What does love mean? Love is a virtue. Love is so deep, caring, sweet, and precious. However, it can have different meanings to each individual. It evokes different experiences and emotions. To me LOVE gives us hope and strength, allows us to find good and great things in life, helps us overcome faults and find forgiveness. Love enables us to give without expecting anything in return. Love does not find faults; love forgives; love understands...

What is your definition of LOVE? Is LOVE is the air?



Love is a strange emotion that binds two strange people, uncertain of the true reality of how their feelings came into one. . . One heart to live, one song to sing, one dream to dream, one sorrow to feel, one happiness to share, one problem to beat and most especially one love to live, sing, feel, share, dream and bear. . . All of these emotions are found in the thing so called LOVE!

Love is natural feeling born in every creature even to the lowest creation of the Almighty for through love that the heaven and earth were created. . .

Love is the cause of a million tears shed by lonely people who love and lost, who asked why someone has to leave and say goodbye and someone has to be left behind with a bitter life to leave, unwilling to face the reality of love that if there is sweetness, there is bitterness, if there is happiness, there is loneliness.

Love is the joy of one's heart, the inspiration of the soul, the rainbow of the eyes, the music of the ears, the shining star of the lips, the scent of a million fragrant flowers. . .All of the wonderful things ever dreamed of could be felt just because of LOVE.

Love is the key to the universal understanding-the language of powerful and developing nations, the source of uniting the rich and the poor, the beam that destroys the barrier between believers and unbelievers, the white and colored races, the beautiful and the ugly, the sinners and the saints, the learned and the ignorant.

Love is the testimony of God to mankind-that through His Love, a new heaven and a new earth, an everlasting life He will give for those who believe in Him, who glorifies His Name, who serve Him faithfully and most especially, who love Him and rejoice not only for His blessings, but in times of want.

And the best of all, if Love is everywhere, then GOD must be, because GOD is LOVE!

Copyright Reserved - Yolanda M. Bunag

Love Quote

"'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

- by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892)

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