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Spring Poems For Kids

Updated on January 5, 2015

Springtime Poems Written For Kids

Teaching poetry to kids can help build their vocabulary, teach life lessons and inspire them in a fun and educational way. In my mind Spring is always just around the corner, so let's share some of these wonderful springtime poems that kids will love.

Poems about spring can be found in literature throughout history, they are passed down from generation to generation and are often taught to kids for the first time in pre-school through grade school. I can still remember the thrill of standing up in front of the class to recite a poem that I had just spent days parroting until I could remember every line. Looking back, and knowing how I was as a child, I can only ask for extra blessings for my parents. They are more Saint like then I ever knew to have the patience to allow me to reverberate endlessly.

Sadly I can barely remember any of the poems I was taught as a kid, but in preparation for time that will be spent with my Granddaughter this Spring let's look into some resources for springtime poems written for children.

Image Credit: by somewhereintheworldtoday

kids Love To Read Poems

Kids love to read poems and reciting springtime poems can teach about the changing seasons while preparing them and giving them the warmer weather to look forward to. Anticipation is a universal gift, for most of us anyway. Having something to look forward to can make the time pass more easily. Especially when there are still several weeks of winter left on the calendar.

Poetry is not only a great way to teach and reinforce learning in children. it is also an excellent way to test them to see if they are understanding the lessons they've been taught. Testing children for knowledge that has been passed along through the poems they have learned and getting them to write their own poems on specific topics will share with you what they are already aware of.

Don't be shy, recite and write poems right along with your kids, it's refreshing, liberating, therapeutic and loads of fun. Poetry about springtime is a great place to start. It is generally an uplifting topic that will keep their attention... at least while the snow is still on the ground.

Spring Poems For Kids
Spring Poems For Kids

Running ,Running, Running, Yay, I Think It's Spring!

Running, Running, Running, There's No More Cold.

Running, Running, Running, The Sun's like Gold.

Running, Running, Running, The Warm Winds Blow.

Running, Running, Running, There's No More Snow.

Running, Running, Running, The Sky Is Blue.

Running, Running, Running, The Grass Is New.

Running, Running, Running, I Hear A Robin Sing.

Running, Running, Running, Yay! I Think It's Spring!

Author: winlin All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to use or republish with attribution or backlink to this page.

Image Source: by craigcullum

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping, Spring Is Finally Here!

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping No More Winter Coat

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping No More Scarf Around My Throat

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping Going Outside To Play With Friends

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping It's Time For Winters End

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping Even Though I Had To Wait

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping I knew We'd Have Our Date

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping It Happens Every Year

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping Spring Is Finally Here!

Author: winlin All Rights Reserved. Please feel free to use or republish with attribution or backlink to this page.

Image Source: by kimrose...

Do you have an original poem. written by you or one of your kids, that you would like to share? If your at a loss, but want to contribute, try using the style that was used in the Running, Running, Running Poem - You can easily change the main verb to something like jumping, bouncing, prancing ... get the idea?

This could also make a quick and easy in class assignment for the right age group. If you'd like to add your poem, just leave it in the comment section below.

If you like, please add your author name. If your a Squidoo member you can also add a link to your profile page, but sorry no other links will be published. I can't edit your entry, I can only delete it, or post it, so please no links other than to your Squidoo profile page.

A Little Seed

by: Mabel Watts

A Little Seed

A little seed for me to sow . . . (Pretend to hold a tiny seed.)

A little earth to make it grow . . . (Stoop down and touch the ground.)

A little hole, A little pat . . . (Pretend to dig a hole; plant seed; pat earth around seed.)

A little wish, And that is that. (Touch index fingers to head; bring arms down and fold over chest.)

A little sun, A little shower . . . (Make sun with hands; use fingers to create rain.)

A little while, And then --- a flower! (Pretend to sleep; cup hands around face like flower.)

Author: Mabel Watts

Found at: Hoiday Zone

The Complete Book Of The Flower Faries - By: Cicely Mary Barker

Beautiful Illustrations and Poems like:

Spring Magic

The World Is Very Old,

And Sometimes Sad;

But when the daisies come the world is glad.

For more information including current pricing and availability follow the link or double click the photo. Image Credit: Amazon

Spring Song

Author Unknown

Spring Song

Frogs croak

Rains soak

Chicks peep

Crickets leap

Bees hum

Robins come

Birds sing

It's spring!

~ Author Unknown ~ From Nanas Corner

In Spring I Look Gay - YouTube



(to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Spring, spring is coming soon,

Grass is green and flowers bloom,

Birds returning from the south,

Bees are buzzing all about,

Leaves are buddign everywhere,

Spring, spring is finally here!

-Author Unknown- Found at

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What's Your Favorite Springtime Poem

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      5 years ago

      My favorite poetry book, Spring or otherwise is WAITING TO SEE THE PRINCIPAL AND OTHER POEMS. It's a very funny book.


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