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New, Used & Out of Print Books

Updated on October 21, 2013
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Nicholl McGuire has been providing useful content on websites since 2007. Learn more about her business Nicholl McGuire Media.

Hard to Find Titles

Those hard to find titles don't have to be difficult to search for when you know where to look! I found a great site that services independent booksellers who have some of the most coveted titles, learn more: Buy used, and hard-to-find movies here!

Where to Find Discounted Books?

Whether you are looking to build your personal library, re-sell books for the first time, or need a bulk of books for long term study, there are plenty of places to get them, you just have to know where to look.

Library Sales

Check your local library for dates when they will be selling books. Sometimes they set aside one day a week when they dump their books. They may offer customers a special promotion such as "Fill up a bag for $10."

Yard Sales and Flea Markets

Flip through local newspapers for days and times of yard sales. In each listing they usually include whether they will be selling books, if not, call.

Surf the net for flea markets in your local area. Once you arrive you will notice that each seller offers a different deal. Some will charge cents on the dollar for books, while others will let you take select titles for free.

Auction Sites and Private Seller Websites

Sellers frequently offer large quantities of books at these sites for unbelievable prices. They usually sort them by a specific genre or author.

Thrift Stores

These places usually offer buy one get one specials and like libraries "fill a bag" deals.

Dollar Stores

Brand new books clutter shelves in these places. Most are by authors both known and unknown printed over the past decade. The price is typically $1 a copy. There are a mix of genres from romance to recipe books. There are sometimes past bestsellers in the mix. These places are good for finding coloring books, activity books, educational workbooks, and other children books with popular television characters.

Grocery Stores and Drug Stores

From a clearance shelf to a large bin, books are waiting to be picked up by the book lover at these places. Various genres, paperbacks and hard bound books are brand new. Sometimes grocery stores will have specials on a volume or series of books.

Outlet Stores

Sometimes you may find a heavily discounted book in a store like Walmart and Kmart. However, outlet stores that specifically cater to media have good sales on both new and used items. Type in a phrase in your search engine like "we buy and sell used books" then add your favorite city to see what comes up.

Book Stores

The obvious is saved for last, because there isn't always the great sale at these stores if you are looking to buy a bulk of books for cheap. The big sales usually occur seasonally. Consider researching when most big name book stores host their annual or seasonal sales. With some bookstores, you may consider talking with management to find out if you can work out a deal when buying a select title in bulk.

Interpretive Fiction

The Difference Between Literature & Fiction

The word literature is typically used when describing a creative work although it may be used to describe other works as well. When used in a sentence, "I have a variety of literature written by John Smith on my shelf at home." We often hear Shakespearean works referred to as literature. Well, your own work of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, memoir, biography or drama is considered "literature."

Fiction is "made up, unreal, pretend," or boldly speaking, a lie, something someone has made up from his or her imagination. When used in a sentence, "Those events didn't really happen, my book was all a work of fiction." Non-fiction is the genre that is written work based on fact such as a presidential autobiography or a family book.

So when speaking of literature you are talking about many works, genres, etc. However, when talking about fiction, you are just speaking about one specific genre.

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Nicholl McGuire enjoys collecting useful books on self-improvement, spirituality, parenting, business, and others. She also has an appreciation for African American authors who pen about personal experiences growing up in America.

Nicholl is the author of When Mothers Cry, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, Floral Beauty on a Dead End Street and other books. She likes writing non-fiction books. She also has an online store that is comprised of many study bibles and other Christian media, feel free to view and make a purchase today. The books are affordable since they are consistent with Amazon pricing, see here.

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