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the otherworlders..... the end.

Updated on September 11, 2011

this is how i would end this story, in a stagecoach the person writing the even chapters would end it. but, since poetry girl is not available, i took it upon myself to do the deed. i pray all is well with her, being the fantastic writer that she is. this story has several events in it to collide at the end, so i will help the reader by placing --- in to realize a change in the action. hope you enjoy this, and if not, i beg forgiveness. i know that poetry girl would have written a better ending......


Julie stood in a huge room. Dust and cobwebs hung from the windows, ceiling, and doorways like tapestries laden with jewels as a strange glow entered. Leaning on the Judas staff, she closed her eyes, dizzy from memories flooding into her mind as recollections of five hundred years ago swirled around her psyche. She felt the weight of her family's loss squarely on her shoulders... and slid down to one knee.

"Princess? Princess Julianna Traci?" A concerned Gerrard knelt beside the girl, reaching out to her hand holding the staff. "Princess? Are are y y you alright?"

"Gerrard.... I am okay. It just has been so long since I have been here. How could the present tenants of my home allow it to become like this?" a hurtful tone emitted from the Princess.

"That is why you are here, Princess..... It is time to evict the tenants." The familiar baritone voice entered into Julieanna Traci's soul. Like a needed adrenaline injection, Julie stood up and gave a wicked smile at the owner of that shot.

"Mike. You are here."

"Yeah. It is time. Don't you think?"


"Yeah. Time to find what was lost."

"You....You figured out my riddle?"

"Yeah. But mine remains obscurred. Pardon the pun."

"hee heee" a quiet giggle left the girl. "Well, I bet we will figure yours out, right? I mean, what was obscurred will be clarified."

Gerrard looked around nervously....Holding a finger up to his lips.

The two young cohorts in crime nodded sheepishly


Cyprus had made good time. Willow, Pine, Oak, his cousins, Red and White, along with the rest of the mature tree sprite spirits were at the gates of Teregahn. The two youngest, the twin Golden Maples, sandwiched Cyprus.

"It is time for us to enter." Cyprus stated solemnly. "This is the day of the twin moons' conjuction. It is time for the prophecies to be fulfilled. For better or for worse, the reign of the Patrick will end today."

The trees shook with anticipation and steadfast agreement. The forest had reached its destination of fate.


Cynder rode on the back of the royal stead. Its wings spread effortlessly flying towards the turrents of the great palace of teregahn. The Judas tree held its ground at the place of entry. It had waited for this day. Five hundred years of waiting had left the tree unable to move with its other. It could only hope and prey that Cynder would be all right. That all would be all right.


Our trio inside the castle ran thru the corridors of the Great Palace. Like rats caught in a maze, the unused ancient hallways led them to blocked entrances.

Frustrated, Julie sat down, tears forming in her eyes. She quietly let the tears fall.

Mike sat down beside her and pulled her into a hug. Gerrard stood guard as the little princess started to sob.

Mike whispered, "What is it? You have never given up before."

"But Mike, everything I remember has changed so much. How do we get up to the turrents. We need to get to the highest place... and I just don't know how to get there."

Mike smiled a little and whispered, "What do you always tell me when we get lost?"

Julie stopped sobbing and returned a rueful smile. "I tell you to ask for directions."

"And what do I say to you?"

"That you will find it on your own."

"And how does that argument always end?"


"Yup. We just need the right guy to ask for directions."

Gerrard listening in, turned to them and said, "Wait just a minute."

He found Tiger who had caught a fat mouse and was enjoying his dinner. Leaning down and patting the cat gently, he whispered to it.

The cat seemed to shrug as it stood up and slowly walked toward a corridor that they had not been down.

The two partners stood up and followed. Mike muttered under his breath..."You've got to be kidding me."


Fritz stood infront of the mirror. He knew one miscalculation.... one mistake.... could end in disaster.... He could get to his brother in a blink of an eye. But the risk had always outwieghed the need. Now the inverse was true. He took a deep breath. I can do this. I can. was the mantra he would allow in his tormented mind as he placed his forehead onto the mirror followed by his hands palms up and his toes all coming in contact with the glass. It is time, and with that last thought he taking a deep breath he pushed himself into and thru the looking glass without breaking it.

The Patrick stood infront of the mirror. There laid his creations to ruin. Only four of his sweepers were left to defend his city. He laid his forehead to the mirror. Palms up, toes touching the glass. He called out. "Fritz? Are you there, Fritz?"

Falling backwards as somethng came pushing out of the mirror, the Patrick fell backwards. As he opened up his eyes, he stared into the mirror image of himself. He reached up and touched the face of none other than his beloved twin brother.

"Fritz, you made it."


The cat strode along the corridors with his two legged friends behind. As he rounded a corner, he sat and waited. There was a dusty stairwell that led upward.

Gerrard leaned down and picked up the Tabby. He whispered into its ear, then sat the cat down.

Mike saw a strange look on Gerrard's face.

"What is it, Gerrard?"

"My f f f friend and I cannot travel any farther with you, Captain Mikhail." He pointed towards the stairwell.

"Gerrard? You have to come with us." The Princess saw the same look the man had when he took on the sweeper.

"I cannot follow your order, Princess. This is something I have to do." Julie froze at the sound of Gerrard's voice.

"I I don't under"...Julie started to say when the man actually interrupted her.

"Please go and fulfill your destiny, my Princess. I still have some unfinished business to take care of." Gerrard, who had never refused an order, squared his shoulders. "NOW GO!!!"

Mike grabbed Julie's hand, recognizing the fact that whatever Gerrard had in mind was personal. She felt herself drug toward the stairwell as she watched the back of Gerrard. Strange words formed out of her mouth...words from five hundred years ago...

"Sir Gerrard, I will trust you will conduct yourself as a knight of the Royal Family. May the twin stars guide you in your quest. Go now with our blessing."

A tear fell from Gerrard's eye as he turned and knelt with his head bowed to the Princess.

"I will."

Mike and Julie ascended the spiral staircase and as they climbed a strangeness of familiarity entered into them. A blending into one... an acceptance of both. Princess Juliana Traci of Teregahn and Julie, the thief, from earth were no longer two separate entities. Mikhail, Captain of the Guard, and Mike, the street rat of Boston, were no longer two separate entities.


Cyprus knew of the metallic sweepers that ruled the streets of Teregahn. Wood would not stand against metal. "What to do.... what to do..." Cyprus muttered under his breath. Tolidisa, the golden Maple on Cyprus' left whispered something into his ear.

"Really?" he thought the offered plan out. "But that would ...."

"Sadly, what you are thinking is true. But as long as the royal family is restored, would it not be worth the sacrifice."

Cyprus, the oldest, glanced to his left. "How is it that the youngest of us will be the teacher." He paused, and started the telepathic hum to his friends. They moved to surround the city, joining in the humming, as they spaced themselves equally and stopped, immovable, awaiting further instruction. When it came, none balked or questions, the trees of the forest stood proudly. Cyprus gently removed Ameerah and Stephanos brom his branches, hoping both had time to heal. Stephanos lay flat out on the ground. Ameerah pulled herself over to him.

"Prince Stephanos, you must go. It is your time to reclaim the throne."

Steve gave a weak rueful laugh. He barely was able to speak, finally getting out, "Reclaim the throne? Ameerah, you must be joking.... I cannot even feel my legs." Eyes closed, unable to lift them open, he was still.

Ameerah recognized the symptoms of her sisters' poison. All she had managed to do was to prevent death, but not the paralysis. Knowing what her kind were going to sacrifice, she steeled herself and leaned over Stephanos.

"I have and will always love you, my Prince. It is your time to return... and nothing is going to interfere with that." She placed her lips onto his.... moments passed. Steven started to feel stronger and stronger. Feeling creeped back into his body. As he opened his eyes, he saw Ameerah close hers and fall against his chest, cold as ice.

"What?" he cried out. "NOOOOOOOOOOO." The sound filled every nook and cranny of the city. Bouncing off the walls, echoing the cry of grief from the Prince.

Cyprus steeled himself, as he issued the order to commence and each to the tree spirits complied.

Mateo had finished giving his report to his master, Fritz.

"Lord Fitzpatrick, the tree spirits are surrounding Teregahn. The Prince is with them. He has been mortally wounded and I do not know of his status. I await further orders."

Mateo stood off to the right of one of the golden maples, silently watching the scene between the tree spirit known as Ameerah and the one known as the Prince.

"I don't understand.... Logic would dictate self preservation at all costs.... would it not?"

He jumped when Aola spoke to him. "Android, to be human is to attain a higher logic... to realize there are things in this world greater than ourselves."

Mateo watched as the Prince was holding the tree spirit, cying and rocking the creature. She was not even human.... he thought. Then in a blink of an eye the android moved, pulling Ameerah away from the Prince, picking him up like he was nothing as the machine ran towards the city.

The tree spirits could do nothing for now their roots had grown long and deep under the streets of Teregahn. They could not move.


The four sweepers left had been sent to the four corners of the city. As they heard the screams of the Prince, the sound carried them to the source. Unfortunately, the heavy machines fell thru the streets as the tree roots that burrowed deeply had undermined the ground and all four sweepers lay useless in deep pits.

Cyprus and the rest looked upward to the sky watching the twin moons slowly moving towards each other. The fate of this world would be in someone elses' hands. Their part was finished.


Gerrard pulled out his sword. He checked his two knives in his boots. It was time. They were behind the door that would lead him to his destiny. Tonight he would either be with his father... or be with his Prince and Princess... Either way, it was all good.

"R R Ready, T T Tiger?"

The big yellow tom purred encouragingly. This would be a good hunt, As Gerrard quietly cracked the door that was the known quarters of the Patrick's assassin .... the one who had taken Gerrard's father.... and so many of his friends. IT WAS TIME.


The twin brothers stood in front of the mirror watching the android bringing the Prince to them.

"Why didn't you order it to kill him?"

Fritz smiled. "You forget, dear brother, that we have to have three sacrifices." then he stated, "Show me Mikhail and Julianna Traci."

"Captain Mikhail, we thankyou for your loyalty to us... all these years on Teregahn and on earth. We are truly grateful to you."

"Shut up, Princess. Remember what I said, we have to use what we learned on earth if we are going to ..."

Shit was the last thought Mike had when a strange gas cannister rolled down the stairs towards them. He grabbed it, holding his breath and threw it further down the stairs, hearing it clatter against the steps. He pulled out his sword as he grabbed Julie and pulled her behind him, he went down... paralyzed. Fritz laughed out loud as he held the tazor he had used.

Julie raised her staff only to feel a rope around her neck.

"Shame that the three sacrifices for tonight's festival have to be alive. Right, brother?"

Julie dropped her staff. She stared silently at the man who had stolen her away so many years ago from her family on earth, leaniing over her Mike. pushing his hair back to see his face.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, The man known as Fritz clicked his tongue, "I bet you were surprised to see me after all these years. I told you that you owed me for all the care I gave you. It is time for you to make that payment." He pulled out a set of handcuffs and placed them around Mike's wrist, then threw him over his shoulder. "Nice to meet you again, Princess." He bowed most dramatically as Mike's hands fell to his side. He boosted the boy up a little higher and smiled.

"Allow me to show you the way to the roof."

Mateo took the steps into the palace two at a time. Stephanos had long since stopped struggling in his grief.


"So, you think it would be this easy to kill me?" The black hooded, masked assassin oozed with confidence as he held the sword point under the neck of this commoner. "Just who do you think you are, young knave, to challenge the Patrick's authority."

"I am a knight of the royal family. I do not acknowledge the authority of the Patrick. Address me properly." Gerrard, forced into a kneeling position, kept both hands down on the ground, as he gazed straight into the clouded eyes of the assassin.

"The royal family??? Don't make me laugh. Although it seems it has been many years since I have heard words like that. Not since...." He took the point and lifted up Gerrard's face to see it better. "Why do you look so familiar?"

SCREEEEEEECCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The assassin dropped his sword as his face was now covered in yellow fur. Gerrard reached down, grabbed both knives and thrust upward into the gut of the dancing man, who fell backwards as the knives moved upward thru the layers of protection, and hit their mark. Gerrard whispered, "for my father." He pulled the knives out and moved away picking up his sword that had fallen, removing it out of reach.

He walked over to the still man and pulled the mask up. What? He felt his own legs give way and as he knelt down, looking at the face of the long lost brother all had thought had been killed long ago. Tiger jumped into his pet's lap purring about the job well done. Gerrard cried. Then he noticed the eyes were no longer clouded and the barest whisper came within reach of Gerrard's ears.... "Thankyou for releasing me." as they closed.


Julie had no choice but to follow Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. She watched as Mike's arms swung limply with each step. How easily it was to subdue us.... and then .... as the door opened to the turrent high above the city. She saw Steve standing quietly by that android, as Mike was dumped unceremoniously onto the floor. She glanced up and saw the twin moons touching. It would be over soon...

Mike, lay still, not responding to Steve who yelled out to him.

"Julie... what is happening?"

Julie looked at her brother. "I want you to know.... I am glad that I met you again after all this time. I am proud you are my brother."

"Julie... this is not the time for tieing up loose ends."

The Patrick held the rope just a little tighter around Julie's neck. As his brother clapped his hands and laughed.

"See brother? I told you. All is well we just have to wait for a few more minutes." laughter echoed over the silent city... for the people still remained in their enternment housing.

The Patrick dropped Julie's staff and Mike's sword in the center of a triangular diagram engraved in old stone on the roof.

Julie watched as Mateo threw Stephanos' crossbow into the center also. Man... what the hell? She set her face. Steve's eyes widened as he recognized that look.

"You know.... Julie, I saw a movie once... I wonder if it will work here?"

For once, Julie smiled. "Feel free to share, brother."

"Well, it was a prime directive to a computer. After all, we know just how smart a computer is right?"

"Well, yes. It's logic circuits are certainly better than a human's."

"Yes, well the question was what is the square root of pi?"

Mateo immediately entered the question into his data banks.

"Delay that, Mateo!!!!" Fritz yelled at the android who stood absolutely still.... and not responding to the voice of his maker. Fritz was turned towards his android. The Patrick not quite sure what was happening allowed the rope to loosen slightly around Julie's neck. As if it was planned, Julie shoved her arms inside the rope and dropped to her knees. No one noticed Mike taking the handcuff key he had slipped out of Fritz'x back pocket. The fact was that Mike's own sword had somehow absorbed all the energy from the tazor. Mike, now free of his handcuffs pulled the legs out from under Fritz, pulling his arms back. fastening the cuffs as quickly as possible. Steve ran full speed and did a flying tackle to the Patrick who immediately let go of the rope. Shoving his face down, Julie retrieved the rope and hogtied the Patrick.

Cynder landed gracefully on top of the tower. The door opened and Justin, Jared, Frazier and Gerrard came out carrying nothing else than the precious mirror of the Patrick. Cynder quietly nodded to his apprentices telling the trio to gather their weapons, as he gave instructions to the men to place the looking glass in the center of the triangle.

"Put the Fitzpatricks on either side of the mirror." Cynder ordered. As he glanced at the moons that where only minutes from becoming one.

He put hands on Julie's shoulder putting her at one point of the triangle, Steve at another, and Mike at the last.

He placed Justin, Jared, Frazier between the apprentices one judas staff length away from the mirror. Then he grabbed Mateo, with Gerrard's help in next concentric triangle two judas staff' lengths away, . yelling at Gerrard to line himself up with Julie as he lined himself up with Mikhail. He yelled, "Princess!!1" as he threw the staff at her. "Hold this high over head and do not let go. Captain Mikhail, Prince Stephanos, do the same with your gifts." The moons now became one.

A strange glow showered down onto the triangles. An odd feeling entered all of those standing, so powerful that for a moment they had forgotten to breath.

Julie yelled, "One thing that was lost will be found."

Steve screamed, with tears, "One thing that was broken will be fixed."

Mike shouted, "One thing obscurred will be revealed."

The light pooled and hovered above the mirror. with strings of white entering at all the points of the triangles. Then it closed the open ends as the three triangles formed connected completely with it.

An eerie voice entered the connections and all felt it rather than heard it.

"It is time for judgment to be passed on this world. It is time to provide answers... It is time for payment to be collected. Debts removed, and everything that is owed to be finished with. We have heard the cries of our children five hundred years ago... and now is the time for retribution."

The light glowed red as it collected information. No one could resist the probe. No one could make it stop.

Then the light pulled away and returned to its owner.


Julie yelled, "One thing that was lost was the royal family. It has been found again thru my brother and I."

Steve yelled, "One thing that was broken will be fixed was the twin sister tree sprites. The royal family's betrayal left them suffering for five hundred years, and now they are whole and able to evolve as they should ." he closed his eyes thinking of his Ameerah, praying she would become the beautiful tree she was fated to become.

Mike took a deep breath. He remembered Ameerah's words, that all would be revealed in time.... That's it. "One thing that was obscurred with be revealed. It is the meaning of the twin moon festival. This is not a time for sacrifice but for a timeout, a check up, a data collection from our ancestors."

The light glowed gently and whispered. "You have done well my children. But all is not forgiven here."

The Fitzpatrick brothers started to shake. But the light now turned onto Cynder.

"You know the tenants. The teacher will be held accountable to a higher standard and must face the consequences. Is that not true, Cynder?"

"Yes... it is true."

"So, enlighten us why we should spare you?"

Surprise entered the faces of the onlookers.

"There is no reason I should be forgiven. Please, I beg you... help my student. He had no idea what he was doing when he entered the dark mirror and what would happen to him. I was remiss in keeping him safe."

The light shimmered once again. "You speak well, Cynder." The light now fractured down either side of the mirror. engulfing the two Fitzpatrick brothers pulling them towards the Mirror.

"Stop." "Noooo". "Brother" cried the two as the rest watched in horror, concern, and curiosity at the spectacle. The two disappeared into the mirror. /The light glowed red, blue, yellow mixing until blackness engulfed the mirror. Then, light appeared above the spot and only one man remained. Only one. Devoid of any restraint, he sat quietly with tears flowing as the realization of what he had done over five hundred years pierced his heart.

"Teacher? Teacher? is that you?"

Cynder with tears in his eyes, simply nodded to his student then standing as tall as he could he stated..

"I am ready."

As the light turned a ghastly orange, it stated. "SO BE IT."

The man in the center yelled out....
"Nooooo, it is my fault. I followed Master Cynder. I watched him without understanding the consequences. It was my own ignorance that caused all of this. Please.... spare him and take me. It will take over a thousand years to right the wrongs i have done. Please spare him." The man in the middle sobbed.

"What say you, Cynder?"

"It is my tenant that I failed." He steeled his shoulders. "It is my debt to repay. If I had been a better teacher, young Fritz Patrick Fitzpatrick would not have been lost and transformed into the split personality he became. ... leaving his kindness and compassion stuck into the mirror." He paused. "i was too prideful."

The witnesses had confusion, anger, pity, written over all of their faces. Steve looked at Julie. He cleared his throat.

" are most wise. Surely some forgiveness towards these two could be found. We... have all lost people and things most precious to us that will never be replaced and never found again. But making Master Cynder or this pitiful student pay will not bring back anything. Nothing at all.. I am speaking to you as the future king of this world. I beg of you to use your wisdom, compassion, and kindness in deciding the punishment."

"SILENCE." the voice paused. "Android, what say you?"

Mateo gave a gentle smile. "Master, It has been a rather enlightening five hundred years. The man in the center did cause a great deal of trouble to the people of this world, and although, he has been healed, he will have no where to go without getting himself killed. And as for Cynder, he has done everything in his power to write his own wrongs by trying to undo what his wayward student has done." Mateo walked up to the tall red headed man that knelt in the center of the triangles where the mirror had once stood. He knelt down and looked his old master in the eye."I have learned many things. But one thing outwieghs more that any other. These beings have a logic of looking at the greater good." He gently laid his hand under the man's shoulder and pulled him up to stand. "I think this is a good choice."

"I agree."

"Cynder. You will stay here. Be a better teacher to remember what you caused forever."

A light glowed as it surrounded the android and the man who started to cower at the unknown.

Mateo draped his arm around the man's shoulders and said, "You will come with us and learn of our ways. It is good. You will finally be able to get a good night's sleep."

The man looked hopeful. Mateo and he were absorbed into the light.

"Judgement of this world is now at hand. Stephanos, you are not the chosen one to stay."

Steve froze at that. Ameerah would be here. Even if she no longer was alive, he could still be with her spirit.

In a blink of an eye, Steve was gone, only his crossbow remained.

Julie gasped at the suddeness. As she cried out, the light shone more gently as it turned to her.

"Princess Juliana Traci. Your wisdom, your kindness, your cunning will be of value to this world."

"But what of my brother?"

"He will return to the world he was meant to be in. He will have no recollection of these events."

Mike caught his breath, What about him????

The light turned toward the sixteen year old Mike. "You have not answered your riddle for yourself. You spent all your time here only thinking about the worldly view of it. What is your personal view of it?

Mike took a deep breath as he glanced at his Julie. Not the Princess, but his Julie.

"I once said I was immune to love. But I was only obscurring the truth... One thing obscurred with be revealed.... I, Mike Smith, love Julie Jones. I don't know what else to do. She is my center."

The light dissappeared. Mike was left standing. Julie almost knocked him down as she grabbed him into a hug dropping her staff. Cynder walked to the center, bowed and after saying an incantation, the staff, the crossbow, and the sword disappeared into a bag he was holding.


An odd conversation was taking place between two actors.

"I just don't get this new director. He is working us like slaves."

"Well, the man just about has as many awards as Spielberg had at the same age, and this remake of Casablanca is absolutely amazing."


Steve sat at a little cafe sipping on a cup of coffee, script in hand trying to figure how to make the pretty boy actor that the producer had insisted in using, feel his part as Rick. God, he thought, where was Bogart when you needed him. He finished his cup and placed it down. He turned another page with pencil in hand. he leaned the script on the table to put his notes in. He grabbed his cup to take a sip and drank it. Damn that is hot..... Wait a minute... that should be empty.

A giggle took him out of revery and there stood a slight wispy hippie type wildly beautiful woman who was grinning at him from ear to ear, holding a pot of coffee.

Steve shook his head as cleared his throat. "I know this is gonna sound like a come on... but you look familiar, Miss...?"

The infectious giggle occurred again, and Steve felt himself smiling. Then the girl winked and said, "I am familiar. I am your soulmate."

Steve laughed. "Miss, most people would think that was a comeon." Knowing he should run away but for some reason, felt intrigued.

"My name is Amy... Amy Meran. What is yours?"

"Steve Jones."

"Steve, I think this is going to be a start of a beautiful friendship."

Steve dropped his script.


Cynder and the Judas tree stood quietly at the entrance... The great great great granddaughter, descendant of the kind hearted Julianna Traci and Captain Mikhail, smiled.

"Finally, it is as it should be."


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    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from usa

      still needs edit polish, but it is done, thankyou so much for your kind comments.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      10 years ago

      Awesomely beautiful meow! God bless you dear! Buttons up! God bless you!

    • meow48 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from usa

      this is the end of a stagecoach story with poetry girl and myself. you will find the other 22 chapters on her site. because i lost contact with her, and because i can't stand something that goes unfinished, i ended it. i hope it meets with her approval and those of you that took this journey with us, i hoped you enjoyed it, as much as we enjoyed writing it. take care and have a happy life. bye for now, meow48


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