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Vince Flynn Books In Order

Updated on November 18, 2013

What Is The Chronological Order Of The Vince Flynn Books For The Mitch Rapp Series?

Here you will find the Vince Flynn books in order - in actual chronological order for the Mitch Rapp storyline books. It will also include anything else written by Vince Flynn if you are interested in reading other books by him.

I really love the Mitch Rapp series, ever since I got the first book, Transfer of Power. It's actually one of my favorite series with an anti-terrorist theme throughout. He somehow reminds me of Tom Clancy, 'condensed' without that lengthy talk about subs for example.

So now the question is - should you read the Mitch Rapp books in chronological order, in order of publication (the two are not the same), or however they come? As I've read each book, including the latest book The Last Man published Nov. 2012, my opinion is that you should read the Vince Flynn books in chronological order. Which means that if you haven't started with the series yet, you might have to read newer books first! The reason is that there are a couple of recently published books that go back in time forming the prequel of what was to become a dangerous superagent, to the times when Mitch was still a young college athlete with the whole world still in front of him...

Check below for the proper chronological Mitch Rapp books in order, along with a short review of each based on what I thought of them after reading. The Mitch Rapp series is a highly recommended thriller series if you like books about anti-terrorism, CIA agents, and political thrillers!

Sadly as the author passed away earlier this year (RIP Vince Flynn!) there won't be any more Mitch Rapp books in the future.

Vince Flynn Books In Order

Memorable Quote

"Underestimating one's enemy was a classic tactical mistake - one that was usually born out of stupidity or arrogance or both."

~ Vince Flynn, American Assassin

American Assassin (Mitch Rapp Series #1)

American Assassin was first published in 2011, it is one of Vince Flynn's most recent books, yet it is the first in chronological order of the famous Mitch Rapp series. This is because the book goes back in time to a period in Mitch Rapp's life when he was still a 'greenhorn' when it comes to all CIA stuff. In this prequel he was just a college athlete who was living his life in happy ignorant bliss.

Yet he is the one selected as a candidate to part of a clandestine assassin group who would be willing to kill for the right reasons - for their country. Mitch, having his own beef with terrorists, is happy to join the group. And the history. Seriously good read, maybe one of the best books by Vince Flynn ever.

Did you know that

American Assassin will be made into a movie? It is still early in the works (Chris Hemsworth has turned down the role as Mitch Rapp so it's back to finding another main protagonist), but it's coming. Personally...I can't wait!

Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp Series #2)

Kill Shot is yet another foray into Mitch Rapp's past. It is the next book in the prequel (after American Assassin), following Mitch to Paris where he has another job on the line. There are those, of course, who are not very happy with him, and based on how he is expected on his next mission in a hotel, he fears he has been betrayed by one of his own men.

A great book with lots of twists and turns, with a lot of action that doesn't let go, and with a great story line that helps us get a glimps into the hero that is to be come soon after, in later novels. Another very recommended read.

Transfer Of Power (Mitch Rapp Series #3)

Transfer Of Power is the first Mitch Rapp book in publication order, but the third on in chronological order. It's also the very first book I read by Vince Flynn. Here we see Mitch as a prominent CIA counter-terrorism operative, who has already changed gears from being merely a well paid assassin to actually protecting and serving the country.

A bit slower paced than other books in the ser ies, but we can forgive it, because it is the first one actually published in the series, so it has a lot of background work involved with a lot of character development included. I used to love the Tom Clancy books, so once I picked up this book by Vince Flynn, I couldn't not like it. In fact, in retrospect, this novel strongly reminds me of the character of Jack Bauer in the popular TV series, 24.

The Third Option (Mitch Rapp Series #4)

The Third Option was the second book I've read back in the day in the Mitch Rapp popular anti terrorism series. In this novel the plot thickens. His mentor, Dr. Irene Kennedy is about to replace the former director of the CIA, but this stirs some bad blood in the circles, and of course, there are those who do not want Irene seen up there on the top. In order to succeed in keeping Irene from getting the position, they first must take out Mitch, which makes him only determined to find out what is going on and punished those that plotted against him and his mentor.

Another great read by Vince Flynn with plenty of action to keep any bored mind busy for a couple of hours. Lots of twists and turns, political plots of a maze of deception that Mitch Rapp has to find his way out of.

Separation of Power (Mitch Rapp Series #5)

Separation Of Power is a great reason to read the Vince Flynn books in chronological order, this book being the direct follow-up to The Third Option. If you haven't read that book, this one will not make much sense actually.

After the plot against Dr. Irene Kennedy, finally she does get the CIA director position after the previous direct is dead, and sadly the attempts on her have not stopped just because she has been appointed. Now Mitch Rapp has to not only stop the plot against Irene, but also to infiltrate Iraq to stop Saddam Hussein from his plot against America. Not only that but in this book we see Mitch falling in love with the person he saved in the previous novel, Anna Rieley, which makes him all the more human. Another great read, one that I thorougly enjoyed. Lots of action in this one, as usual.

Executive Power (Mitch Rapp Series #6)

Executive Power is the book where Mitch comes into spotlight and has his cover is blown as an undercover CIA operative, however that doesn't stop him from going after the bad guys who are out to destroy the country. This time the plot takes him to the Philippines, while a separate story line develops related to Palestinian terrorists.

While I did love this book, I felt it a bit more disjointed. Maybe because of the two separate plots that I had to follow, it felt all a bit open ended somehow. Maybe Vince Flynn was trying his hands at another type of writing - but I'm not sure he succeeded. It was a great book, the action was all there, the plot kept always thickening, but I did find myself yearning for the previous style novels that I got to love from Vince Flynn.

Memorial Day (Mitch Rapp Series #7)

Memorial Day is the next book in chronological order in the Mitch Rapp series. As you might have figured it out, the story evolves around planning for the Memorial Day. Mitch Rapp has a feeling that there is a major terrorist attack targeting the US in the form of a nuclear attack, and he has to travel all the way to Afghanistan to stop it from happening.

This book was truly mostly action, no romance (his wife was for once safe and in no danger), so if you like something that keeps you going non-stop to take your mind from the daily worries, this is the book to read. I liked it a lot, maybe I was also in a mindframe where I really wanted a lot of twists, turns and plots that are craftily eliminated by a quite superhero and I got all that from the book. Vince Flynn is back!

Consent To Kill (Mitch Rapp Series #8)

Consent To Kill is another book that simply has to be read in chronological order because it starts where the previous one, Memorial Day, left off. In this book Mitch has to protect...himself, as he finds with a $20 million prize on his head put by Saudi billionaire. I won't give more away from the plot, but let's just say, it is brilliantly done. Twists and turn that we are used to, lots of action, death, gore and ups and down, and even additional character development for Mitch and his wife.

Yet another book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Some people might find it a bit disturbing, but I really loved it for what it was. Also having read the previous novel, this one was easy to follow. Try to read them in order, because you will enjoy them so much more.

Act of Treason (Mitch Rapp Series #9)

Act Of Treason follows Mitch on yet another adventure to save his country. This time there is lots of local intrigue, there is a plot to assassinate the president where he does escape, but many others don't, and while seemingly it was a terrorist act, Mitch is the only one who suspects otherwise and dares to go after the real killers.

For me this book was really interesting (and a bit annoying as well) because a lot of the plot happens in Cyprus...the very country I live. I found the book annoying because seemingly Vince Flynn hasn't done his homework in regards to Cyprus. I mean Cyprus is NOT part of Greece. It is an independent country with its own government. While the main language is in fact Greek, the two countries are not tied together. Cyprus is a European Union country in its own right.

Having gotten this off my chest, now onto the actual book. The storyline as usual is very fast paced with lots of action and Mitch the super hero that solves the mystery as usual. There is lots of drama involved, lots of suspense and edge of your seat type of reading. I loved it save for the part about Cyprus...

Protect And Defend (Mitch Rapp Series #10)

Protect And Defend takes Mitch Rapp to Iran this time. The plot draws in Iran, Israel and the US as well, and Mitch has to sort things out - and kill the bad guys, of course. It is a lot of political plot involved, but to really thicken the plot Irene Kennedy, the director of the CIA is kidnapped in Iran. Mitch has to save her and defend his country by any means necessary - also by killing, doing what he knows to do most and being really good at it too.

Here again there is a lot of political talk going on, and especially if you are interested about happenings in Iran and those parts of the world, you will enjoy this book. I think it is one of my most favorite books as well. A very fast paced thriller, just to my liking, with lots believable and unbelievable characters and story lines that make you raise an eyebrow - yet still leave you enjoying it to bits. A great read.

Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp Series #11)

Extreme Measures is the 11th book in the Mitch Rapp series. Mitch has to go to Afghanistan to try to stop a third terrorist cell from infiltrating the US. This takes him down to a road where he will be brought to Washington to prove his innocence due to impersonating an American officer overseas. Of course he breaks most of the rules as usual, but that's what makes him special, that he can work behind and beyond the red tape that keeps the officials hands tied down.

This is the book where the focus slightly shifts from Mitch to his friend Mike Nash. However it is a suspenseful read, full of action, plotting and drama, one that doesn't let you stop reading until you finish the novel.

Pursuit Of Honor (Mitch Rapp Series #12)

Pursuit Of Honor keeps Mitch at home investigating a lack of disclosure by a top US official. In this book he actually kidnaps American people right at home, but with good reason. Again this is a book that has to be read in order because it is the next story following Extreme Measures, dealing with the infiltration of terrorist cells in the US. And this is why Mitch has to kidnap those people because he has to stop the terrorists that are already on US soil.

A fast paced read, a great spy novel, thriller and action drama, it is everything you need to spend a weekend with a great book in your hands. I loved it!

The Last Man (Mitch Rapp Series #13)

The Last Man is currently the latest Vince Flynn books in order both in chronological and in publication order. If you've read them in publication order, you will have noticed that the previous two books, American Assassin and Kill Shot, have taken place way back when Mitch Rapp was but a rookie trying to find his way. These were the prequels to the story. Now finally we see again Mitch as a current middle-aged CIA operative doing what he knows to do best: protect his country by any means necessary.

It is a roller coaster of a book, one that I was thrilled to read. Mitch here is a wiser person, one who doesn't just act without thinking. Mitch has to go to Afghanistan (again) to find out why a CIA agent has disappeared and find him. Having just read (the Kindle version) of the book, I found myself being totally immersed in the plot. I found it a nice touch how Vince Flynn added something to the character of Mitch through a particular happening that I won't disclose here. Let's just say that it gave Mitch another dimension, breaking the 'monotony' so to speak of the action-action-action style of read. The problem now is that this was his last novel about Mitch Rapp and there is a quite some time until a new one will be published (or even written) next. Hurry up Vince Flynn!

Term Limits - A Vince Flynn Stand Alone Novel

Term Limits is similar in style to the Mitch Rapp series, and while some of the characters are briefly mentioned here, it is in fact a stand alone novel, not part of the actual series. The book was written and published first before anything else the author has written.

It is a political thriller that starts with a boom - the assassination of a senator. I won't give away the plot, but let's just say that you will enjoy the 600+ pages of this book if you like the Mitch Rapp series. It's fast paced, full packed of action and tension, and in the right genre for this author" polit-thriller.

Vince Flynn
Vince Flynn

About Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn is the author of the popular Mitch Rapp series, featured as a strong and fearless antiterrorist CIA agent who shies away from nothing to protect his country, including killing the bad guys. Interestingly enough, he started out his career as a commercial real estate leasing agent and then he turned his full attention to writing books. Thanks Vince for doing this - Mitch Rapp is a great character that is loved all over the world.

His book American Assassin, the first one chronologically in the Mitch Rapp series is in the works to be made a movie. I'm curious who will be the leading role. It is not so easy to fill in the shoes of Mitch Rapp, that I can tell you for sure.

In 2011 the author has started his treatment for Stage III prostate cancer and seemingly now he is doing much well. I hope he conquers his health problems and will read many more Mitch Rapp novels.

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Should We Read The Vince Flynn Books In Order?

Should We Read The Vince Flynn Books In Order?

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    • maryseena profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks for the listing. My son just loves Vince Flynn. It is his b'day next month. I will try to get one of them for him and myself too.

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      5 years ago

      Thaks for writing this up - the order is very confusing since the first book was published 11th! I'll have to give Vince Flynn a try.

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      How convenient for readers who want to go in order with the books.

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      5 years ago from Boston

      I love Vince Flynn. I think I've read all of his books, minus the new one. Looking forward to reading The Last Man.

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      I have to admit I have never heard of these books or the author. However, it is great to see a book review page like this written by a true fan :)


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