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14 Effective Ways To Save Money When Remodeling Your Home

Updated on May 21, 2012
Thinking of some remodeling ideas?
Thinking of some remodeling ideas?

Ways To Save Money When Remodeling Home

Finally it is the time of the year to renovate and remodeling the house but you are short of cash and having a tight budget. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to saving more money and at the same time, being able to renew your lovely house.

1. Home necessities

You love to keep your home nice and beautiful. However, stick to a budget on what to buy instead buying everything. Prepare a list and you will find it easier to save more money. You will find it easier to a budget if you have a simple list to follow as guidelines.

2. Bedroom

Okay, so you want to makeover your room. It is time to shop for new furniture, right? Wrong. Just do a little changes on the bed, buying a new comforter or duvet cover and getting yourself a matching sheets and pillow shams. Now this is what calls a simple makeover and at the same time and the same time, saving up more money.

3. Bedroom windows

Ever notice certain departmental stores such as JCPenney and Sears have those heavily discounted curtains and blinds on sale? Go over and make friends with the employees over there and you might just get an insider on when a clearance sale will be taking place.

4. Bedroom linens

Let’s not leave out the bedroom linens. Keep an eye on midyear sale or semiannual sales. You could check out or for high-quality sheets and other bedroom products with low prices.

5. Bathroom

Over spending on bathroom supplies is going to create a hole in your pocket. Save up money on basic needs is the best way to go. For example, you can buy a large bottle of soap instead of individual ones.

6. Handmade

Forget about those expensive bath products when you can do it yourself. Here’s the trick. Just put 1 cup sugar in an airtight container; pour in enough olive oil to cover. Add a few drops lemon or orange extract and stir. This homemade scrub will keep your skin soft and smelling fresh.

7. Towels

A new set of colourful and branded towels place in the bathroom would be great. Check out closeout stores such as T.J. Maxx and Big Lots where you can get branded items at a fraction of the retail prices.

8. Kitchen

Prepare a list of important items you need in the kitchen and get them. Instead of buying everything you want, you are now shopping for what you need and saving up money.

9. Replace paper towels

Buying paper towels are a waste of money. Instead, replace them with old clothes as rags. You are doing well for yourself and also cutting down on waste for the environment.

10. Deep freeze

Remember to stock up when the prices are low. Then keep them in deep freeze to maintain the freshness of the product. For example, buy shredded cheese in bulk when you see a deal. Sprinkle in cornstarch to prevent sticking and freeze them. Consider storing herbs and spices and loaves of bread in the freezer, too, to extend their shelf life.

11. Energy saving in the kitchen

Many things can be done to save up energy in the kitchen. For one, we can pull out the racks of the dishwater once it is finish with the final rinse and let them air-dry to save electricity.

12. Living room

How do you keep your living room cheerful and bright? Head down to stores such as Ikea for a some discounted items. There are many range of items you can choose from and even the different colours. Buying the different colours can easily matched the current season in a year.

13. Wall decoration

Instead of buying expensive art, you could hang your photo frames on the wall. This is also a good way as sweet memories in the past. Try choosing different sizes of frames but the same colour and place them on a wall.

14. Floors

Try this: Pick up some wood floor restorer at a hardware store. Just mop it on your floors to make them look shiny and new. It works well for me every time.

I hope with the above methods, you could save up more money especially at home. Most of the methods are simple but yet cost saving for all.


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