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Android@home another futuristic gift from google

Updated on June 14, 2012

Google is a word familiar to every children now. The products they are coming with are of amazing quality, that is the reason behind their success. Google started as a search engine. Because of the unparallel quality of service they offered, now it is the best search engine available. Today a lot of other useful products are coming to us from google day by day. Google has almost become a synonyam for interent based services. After conquering the world of internet, google has come to the world of mobiles through android. Now android is growing at such a pace that it will be the smart phone operating system in all phones after a decade.

Now google is coming to our homes through a way to make our homes smart. Through this technology all devices at home like fridge, telivision, fans, music system or even your car can be controlled using your mobile from anywhere in the world. The arrival of Android @ home was announced in the anual IO Development meet in san francisco. Using Android@Home you can control all devices at home using your phone or tablet working in android platform.


According to Android@Home team head John Britt, they are attempting to bring all home appliances under a single network working under android. Earlier also there was a lot of attempts in this field. But all of these ended up in making protocol only. The reason behind their failure was the unability to became a universal platform supporting all devices and which is opensource also. Google is trying to make Android an open platform so that other home appliane builders can develop a control module controlled using android based devices along with each of their appliances. Google is planning to use its own new wireless technology for this home network. Google has developed some products co operating with some major lighting companies and more is one development. By next year you can expect more products available in market for purchase. As a demonstrations google showed a home media system operated using android based device. Android developers are giving such a care that each and every device can be controlled under this protocol even your iPhone and desktop computers. This is opening a new way of home automation, which is far beyond our imaginations especially because it is a product from google


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