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Tips to extend the battery life of your android smartphone

Updated on July 25, 2012

Modern smart phones are very resource hungry. So in order to power them a very good battery is needed. A 1500mAh Lithium Ion battery also will drain up in two days with modern smart phones. But by taking certain cautions and using some tips you can extend the overall battery life and battery life in one charging

1. Never let the battery to overheat. Overheating the battery will surely decrease the life span of your lithium ion battery. So leaving the battery on a charger even after fully charging also will decrease the life. Also if you leave the phone in the car, the chance of increasing temperature to high values is very high.

2.Try to avoid frequent full discharges. Occasional full discharges are okay. But for all batteries there is a point of discharge from where the battery cannot come back to its previous capacity. In modern smart phone batteries there is safety circuits for protecting from discharging up to that point. But if you occasionally discharge fully the chance to overcome this safety circuit is very high.

3. If your battery calibration is wrong, discharge the battery fully and then charge to full charge. Remeber do this only for battery calibration. Nearly once in 30 recharges you can do this on a healthy battery.

4.Allow full recharge cycles at least occasionally. Full recharge cycle is a recharge from a level lower than 20% to 100%. Try to do this occasionally as it improves lithium ion battery life

5. If you are not using your phone or any device containing a lithium ion battery, charge it to 40% and then keep in a cool place(do not freeze it). Fully charging before keeping long will cause chemical corrosion. Also if the charge is very low it will cause the battery to discharge fully and it will make the battery unusable

6. Another one important life cycle limiting factor about lithium ion battery is the limited number of charging life cycles. So avoid charging to an intermediate level and then using for some time and charging again. While charging charge from nearly empty(not fully empty) to fully charges level

7. Extend the battery backup in a single charging by killing unwanted applications running. If you are using an android phone then use applications like battery doctor, which will give options to kill unwanted applications, monitor battery temperature, do full battery recharge cycles etc

8. Lower brightness, keep a look on gps receivers and wi-fi. Ensure they are turned on only when required.

9. Use the correct adaptor to charge the battery. If you lost your charger, try to get the correct chrager from a manufacturer outlet. Now there is a lot of duplicate chargers available at low prices. Never go for it.


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      ajith 4 years ago

      yes stigma.. u r right...

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      Stigma31 6 years ago from Kingston, ON

      Finally a really good up!!