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Aromatic, Flameless Wax Warmers

Updated on December 30, 2012

Many people enjoy fragrances around their homes. Some use the relaxing aromatic scents because they enjoy the feeling of peace in their homes, others use the scents to cover up the smell of teenagers. Regardless of the reason, people turn to a variety of products to bring fragrances to their homes.

Incense is popular, although the mess they leave behind can be troublesome. Some people use scented candles, oils, or air sprays. Some choose to melt wax over tea candles. One of the newest products out there is the electric wax melter, replacing the use of tea candles as a heat source to melt the wax.

Safety First

In the last year, two of my friends were displaced by fires in their apartment buildings. Both situations were results of open flames in their homes. One was from a hole in a chimney that caused the fire to spread inside the walls and the other was from a candle that tipped over. Both were unfortunate accidents that could have been avoided had there have been no open flames.

Using an electric wax warmer that heats up from getting plugged into the wall rather than a tea candle is much safer in the long run. This is especially true if there are young children, large pets, or elderly in the home. Electric wax warmers allow people to enjoy the relaxing, warm fragrances in their homes without worrying about open flames.

A Plethora of Shapes and Sizes

Flameless wax warmers come in all shapes and sizes. They are extremely easy to use. Usually, there is a heat source that is plugged in. A small dish is usually used to melt the wax into, which sits just above the heat source. Sometimes the heat source can be as simple as a light bulb.

As the dish warms up, a small square or cube of wax is placed in it. Over time, the wax will melt and the soothing fragrances will be emitted into the air. It's that simple!

When all is said and done, clean-up is rather simple as well. A little bit of hot water and gentle soap will remove the wax from the dish, leaving it ready for the next scent you desire.

All in a Name

The wax that is melted in the dishes are referred to differently depending on the company selling them. You might hear them called:

  • Wax squares
  • Wax melts
  • Wax tarts
  • Wax cubes
  • Wax disks
  • Scent circles
  • Scent melts

They're all the same thing!!

How To Use a Flameless Wax Warmer


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