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Coffee Maker Reviews 2016

Updated on March 10, 2016

I love coffee. I enjoy the taste and it gives me a nice pickup whenever I need it. Drinking coffee is enjoyed by so many that it's almost a social institution in many countries.

To make really good coffee you need a good coffee maker in coffee maker reviews 2016 we are going to review some of the best coffee makers, as well as some cheap alternatives that can still make a decent cup of coffee. We look at both normal and single cup coffee makers, in this article.

Even if you go with one of the most expensive coffee maker and a premium coffee blend: it's still much cheaper to make your own coffee, compared to buying it at Starbucks. In my opinion my coffee tastes better than theirs anyway.

Top coffee maker of 2016
Top coffee maker of 2016

Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew - Coffee Maker

The first thing that you notice about this coffee maker is the striking design. The Zojirushi stainless steel, shinny black base and simple design looks good in any kitchen. This machine is an excellent combination of pleasing aesthetics and sensible functionality.

The stylish carafe made of brushed steel is cool to touch and the water level display at the base is easy to read.

The difference between a good and a bad coffee maker is that a good coffee maker can maintain a consistent internal temperature making every cup perfect, every time. With cheap coffee makers the temperature can fluctuate changing the experience for the user. The Zojirushi does deliver a consistently good cup of coffee.

The Zojirushi has a large capacity of about 10 cups. It's ideal for use in a office or large kitchen. The size of the device can however be a drawback for some. It is also pretty tall and that can be an issue if you have shallow counters. The machine's measurements are 15 by 12 by 9 inches.

The carafe does not have have a glass liner. This detail makes the carafe pretty reliable as the glass liners are more susceptible to breaking. The programmable timer is also very easy to use. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot all day.

Lots of people don't like the burnt flavor of coffee when it sits in a glass pot over a heating element. To stop this from happening, coffee shops often brew right into large thermal pot to keep the coffee warm without overcooking it. The Zojirushi Fresh Brew does it in the same way, but in smaller batches.

Overall an excellent product for the coffee lovers everywhere.

Mr. Coffee DRX5, 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Mr. Coffee is basically a cheap, simple and easy to use coffee maker.

The product is ideal when coffee is required in small amounts. This might mean there are fewer coffee drinkers in your home or maybe you aren't a regular coffee drinker. Another important reason for choosing this coffee maker is the size. If space is an issue this coffee maker is a good choice. So in any of these cases buying a bigger more expensive variety of coffee maker would not be a good idea.

This product has an easy to use programmable timer. However the brewing time is almost as long as the bigger coffee makers. This is simply due to the power differences inherent in the two categories of machines.

Another very important feature of the Mr. Coffee is how easy it is to clean.

Mr. Coffee is good choice for more health conscious people who love coffee in small quantities.

Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go

This is the coffee maker of choice for the busy frequent travelers. As it brews one cup for one person there is far less waste. The Brew 'n Go brews coffee directly into a travel mug.

The whole design of the product is geared towards ease of use. This is evident in how quickly it brews a cup. It also seems to be the driving force behind the easy to clean design. Also the permanent built in filter ensures that you won't run out of filters.

The Brew and Go ensures that you get fresh tasting coffee every time at a very modest cost.

In short this product is ideal for those who like their coffee fresh and quick.

Best singly cup coffee maker 2016
Best singly cup coffee maker 2016

Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

The Keuring single cup coffee makers are absolute top of the line coffee makers. It does get a little expensive though, because of how the coffee is packaged. For the connoisseur however, it can't be beat.

This is a coffee maker that is great to look at. The design looks high-tech with buttons on top. It seems like the smaller version of the big coffee machines seen in super markets. It is a very clean design and blends well with the other appliances around the kitchen.

The most noticeable feature of this coffee maker are the K-cups. They are both easy to use and insure the freshness of each cup. These are also easy to dispose of and make the cleaning job a lot simpler. Another important feature of the product is speed. This coffee maker does require time to heat water, when it is first turned on. However after that the actual brewing time is less than a minute. Also as it brews each cup separately there is no waste of your time or coffee.

This Keurig B40 enables you to enjoy a beautifully fresh cup of coffee without any hassle. So buy this product if you want an overall enjoyable gourmet coffee experience.

I hope you found what you where looking for in coffee maker reviews 2016. You might also enjoy reading best single cup coffee maker reviews and best milk frothers.


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    • profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago

      I like cappuccino flavor of coffee.yeah,that's very important that the cup is also equally important as the coffee.

    • ailang profile image

      ailang 7 years ago

      I love coffee so much..especially B&D coffee maker..great brew, easy to clean..thanks for your review