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Buy The Best Mandolin Slicer

Updated on February 22, 2011
Swissmar Borner mandolin slicer
Swissmar Borner mandolin slicer

Buy A Mandoline Slicer

A mandolin slicer can be a real time saver in the kitchen if you want to prepare great meals. You can reduce your food preparation time by utilising this handy kitchen utensil to slice and shred a whole range of fruit and vegetables. Here are some great mandolin slicers that are available for sale online today.

Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus Mandoline

If you are looking for an easy and effective way to slice your fruit and vegetables, you could buy this Swissmar Borner mandolin slicer. This will become a really handy tool to have in your kitchen because you can cut up all sorts of raw foods to use for any recipes that you are working on.

If you are looking to make really attractive and tasty salads, you can thinly slice all your cucumbers, tomatoes and courgettes to produce a really tantalizing meal.

This slicer also has additional cutting elements so you can adjust it to the required size and you can produce batons of vegetables. This is a perfect idea if you are looking to make something like carrot sticks to compliment a dipping sauce. If you want to make your own home made batch of coleslaw, you can shred or dice cabbages, carrots and onions really quickly. Once you have the desired amount of vegetables, you simply need to combine everything with some salad cream or mayonnaise and add a little seasoning.

This particular mandolin slicer comes with a vegetable holder.  This means that your hands will never need to get too close to the sharp blades.  The holder grips the food firmly and you are able to slice away in safety.

This kitchen utensil also comes equipped with a very useful storage caddy. You can disassemble the parts and it will all lie flat and compact in a drawer or you can choose to hang it up on your kitchen wall above your counter top so that it is always within easy reach. 

Kyocera mandolin slicer
Kyocera mandolin slicer

Kyocera Adjustable Mandolin Slicer

This is an excellent example of a cheap and effective fruit and vegetable slicer.  This Kyocera adjustable mandolin slicer has been made with handy notches so you can place it over a bowl and slice your food directly into the container without worrying about it slipping all over the place.

The ceramic blades will ensure that your food is cut neatly and smoothly with each motion.  There is an adjustable dial that you simply need to turn and you can change the thickness of the cutting action from a thin 0.5mm to a chunky 3mm.

For easy storage, this food slicer is slim line so you can put it away in your kitchen drawer with ease.

The maintenance of this kitchen appliance is also simple.  It is dishwasher safe so you can just put it in the wash with the rest of your dirty kitchen cutlery.


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