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Buy an Octagon Picnic Table Online for Less

Updated on December 20, 2011
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The octagon style picnic table has advantages over the traditional picnic table design. An octagon picnic table puts all objects on the table the same distance away from everyone at the table. Reaching and passing are reduced.

The octagon picnic table is better for social gatherings and playing cards with friends and family. Everyone seated at the table can see everyone else without an uncomfortable turn of the head.

The octagon design lends to a more stable picnic table. Each bench is supported with better framing. Traditional picnic tables tend to sag in the middle of the bench where support is weak or nonexistent. As traditional picnic tables age, the risk increases that failure of the bench could lead to injury.

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Why Buy An Octagon Picnic Table?

An octagon picnic tables costs a little more than a traditional picnic table. The added investment is worth it when considering the added value of usage due to the design, safety, and the longer life of the table.

Playing cards with family or neighbors on a sunny summer afternoon is a real pleasure. Playing on a traditional picnic table can test how much you really enjoy playing cards. The twisting to see other players and reaching to play and retrieve cards make for an uncomfortable game.

Playing cards on an octagon picnic table is comfortable. All players already face each other with only a slight angle between players. No more twisting of the neck to speak with a player next to you.

Enjoying a picnic on, what else, a picnic table is better with the octagon design. Instead of everyone passing food non-stop, everyone can reach most items on the table without stretching or reaching in front of others. Kids really appreciate that.

Red Cedar Octagon Picnic Tables

Where is the Best Place to Buy an Octagon Picnic Table?

Price and quality are the primary concerns when investing in an octagon picnic table. Size is also important. You should consider if you want the benches attached as part of the picnic table or separate, where the table can stand alone. A table with benches not attached is perfect for putting food at a family BBQ. There is no reaching over benches if the benches are separate.

The environment the table will be in most of the time will also determine the construction material. Redwood and cedar are favorites; plastic and faux wood also are nice with a lower price. Steel construction material may be called for in an industrial or construction site setting.

Considering all these facts, I think Amazon offers the best quality at the best price. The structure Amazon uses lends to better pricing as a large number of manufacturers place their products on Amazon and price and quality rise to the top. Amazon also allows for comparison shopping so you can make a quick decision now that you are ready to buy an octagon picnic table.

Invest in an octagon picnic table today. You will have years of pleasure with friends and family with a convenient and affordable octagon picnic table.


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