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Updated on February 5, 2015


Camping chef was a new phrase that I added to my stock of vocabularies after having terrible camping experience this last Christmas. We were ill prepared before leaving the comfort of our home for camp. My experience has made me realise how important certain items are in camp. Thank God for our wonderful smartphone!!


Camping chef is a phrase used to describe all that are needed for a successful and hitch free camp. Like you will see in this hub, it includes virtually anything that makes life comfortable. Gone are the days when campers come back from camp looking haggard, tired, sick and dirty.

You need to properly plan your camping before ever stepping out of your lovely abode. Camping chef materials like the ones displayed here makes life lots easier in camp...after all, why going to camp if not to enjoy yourself and get different perspective of life?


Camping is fun when the necessary tools are made use of. Well, the answer to the question of what should be in my camping bag has no straightforward answer as our needs vary but, the basic cooking, heating, clothing and shelter tools should be included. Make sure you put your computer /laptops in the best laptops bags you can find, in same way, don't forget to put your kindle reading device / ipad in good kindle sleeves.


a. Get to know where you are going to: this may sound obvious but can easily be overlooked. It is not enough to know the name of where you are going to, basic language of the people needs to be learnt. Collect all the information about the place that you are going to as you can. Get to know the nearest police station, just in case. Ensure that security is guaranteed!

b. Get weather forecast for the period: in as much as weather forecasts are just estimates, they are scientific enough to give you clue of what to expect during the camping period. Bad weather can seriously hamper your excitement if not forecasted and prepared for.

c. Buy all that you need: don’t leave your home without buying all that you need for a successful camping. Seat down; make a list of what you will need way in advance so that you don’t forget anything. Do not rely on last minutes fire approach. Make sure you have complete camping chef; if you don’t have, buy them now. You may be surprise to discover that you will have to spend 5% of money or more on items that you fail to buy if you don’t get them before moving.


d.      Test your equipments: buying the camping equipment on time will make you test the equipment before taking it along with you into the camp. Nothing hurts more than being disappointed at the middle of desert by your mobile heater probably!!!


·         Saves money: you will save great deal amount of money by buying the right camping chef on the go. The medical cost of treating an ailment that may be caused by inadequate preparation might be so high and cause you to lose some income. One of the most important concepts in financial management is that quality saves money! Be wise!

·         Gives peace of mind: the psychological effect of being fully prepared gives you this peace of mind that money cannot buy. You don’t have to worry about not getting your expected fun when you do your assignment well.

·         Sure of what you get: the fact that camping chef equipment are made for camping, the quality and suitability of what you are getting will in no way be in doubt. Camping chef equipment is built to withstand the harsh weather of many typical camps.

·         Portable: the nature of camping instrument makes it easy for them to be moved to and fro the camp without any hassle.

Like I said at the beginning of this hub, I had terrible experience as a result of not preparing my camping as I ought before setting out for it hence, why I wrote this hub to add to your must read materials before travelling. Camping is fun, and should be made to be...all you need do is get the right camping chef and you will be fine. Who knows, you can bring back romance into your relationship by simply going to the mountains for valentine holidays!!

To your pleasure!!


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