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Chandelier Lighting Overview

Updated on July 10, 2014

There are certainly many different types of chandelier lighting from which you can choose, so we are going to go through all of the most popular designs and makes in this article. By the end, you will be an expert on all things chandelier! We’ll cover mini chandeliers, the classic wrought iron chandelier, as well as even what to look for when buying a black chandelier. That can be a little tricky so you will be sure to want to read through to the end where I explain the particularities surrounding that, the darkest of all colors. Remember though that you should always first and foremost be guided by your own inner sensibility and vision for what you want your dining room, living room, or whatever room to look like. The first mistake in fashion is always becoming self-conscious and thinking from the point of view of another person’s mind. Of course, this goes without saying in interior design as well. Just by the very fact that you have sought this article out, I know that you have an inner eye for interior design that is quite superior to the average person’s.

Chandelier lighting aesthetics

One thing about chandelier lighting that is very important is to always err on the elegant side. Think about it: how many times have you seen a chandelier light that was too simple (a lot) versus one that was too fancy (almost never)? The bottom line is that the chandeliers lighting should by its very nature be fairly extravagant or even flamboyant. It’s much better to err on the overdoing it side; this is my point.

Another common mistake that homeowners (and restaurateurs) make is that they make the chandelier lighting too bright. This is a big mistake. The effect of this is that the bulbs or candles even will actually flush out the actual chandelier, its body and arms, etc. It is always much better to go dim with chandelier lights. This will allow that actual piece to be accentuated, as well as giving a much subtler mood to the room in which it hovers and lights.

Chandelier lighting for a dining room

Chandelier lighting sklbanks flickr
Chandelier lighting sklbanks flickr

Mini Chandeliers


Now when it comes to mini chandeliers you can actually be a lot more flexible. If you want to go inexpensive then mini is the way to go. If it is for a child’s room, then definitely stick with one of these smaller items. Or if it is for a small and casual (or even worse) room then this is another good opportunity. Here I would experiment a little more freely. Try wacky colors or intricate designs. Be zany. You will find that the cost of mini chandeliers is much less almost all of the time, as it should be.


Wrought Iron Chandelier

With a wrought iron chandelier lighting you are going to want to avoid the least expensive of the bunch. If you go too low end often the wrought iron turns out to be of poor quality. Exact measurements and specifications may not have been met. In today’s throwaway consumer society you see this across many different product spectrums, but you will definitely find it in wrought iron chandeliers. This is probably because the material can initially mask so many of the otherwise ever-present defects. Don’t be alarmed, however: just be willing to up the price range a little bit and maybe upgrade to a better brand or quality. Other than that, I think these are fine lighting contraptions which are both very regal and even somewhat delicate in reality.

Finally, let’s take a look at the veritable, old black chandelier. This, I have to say, is one of my all-time favorites. It is so serious and presents such a nice setting for formal occasions with guests, family, business associates, and friends. One thing to look out for is obviously a bad paint job in the case where the black has been painted onto the chandelier. You will usually be able to intuit this just from a cursory glance or feel over the arms of the chandelier itself. Of course, the lower prices lights are (as always) more likely to be of a shadier condition. But I do like a good solid black chandelier for what it adds to the atmosphere of almost any room in which it is hung. Especially with a white ceiling, and colored walls, this is bound to stimulate and hyper-sensitive everyone at the dinner table into a highly rewarding conversation.

So that’s a brief but broad overview of the chandelier lighting field in general. It should get you started thinking about what you do and do not like about various lighting arrangements, rooms, and such. And it should also get you eager and anticipating the redecoration of whatever room you are now taking on. The chandelier is truly the centerpiece and fulcrum of any room in which it appears, and it will undoubtedly have an effect.

Ceiling Fans are also a great way to add elegance to decks, porches, and even sun rooms. Thank you for reading! Sue

Installing a chandelier light


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