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Comparing Silk Flowers with Nature

Updated on February 3, 2012
Alstromeria & Daisies
Alstromeria & Daisies
Gerbera Daisy Silk Centerpiece
Gerbera Daisy Silk Centerpiece
Coral & Blue Silk Centerpiece
Coral & Blue Silk Centerpiece

You likely believe that comparing the advantages of silk flowers over nature to be a form of heresy, but nature has to build life and death into its colorful tapestry while you prefer your home decorations not to degrade. It would be a bit boring if a flower lasted forever once it grew, and also somewhat crowded in our gardens if the old did not make way for the new, but inside your home that should not be a particular issue.

Silk flowers, therefore, can offer an advantage over nature in that they last significantly longer, although the perceived disadvantage is that they neither look, feel nor smell like the real thing. The word 'perceived' is used advisedly, since, although not a lot can be done about the feel, the look and the smell of artificial blooms are become increasingly closer to the best that nature can provide.

As for the feel - well, that is difficult, but who goes around their home feeling their flower displays? They are generally an experience for the eye and the sense of smell. In these respects silk flowers are exceptionally close to nature. If you don't believe it then try some! That's what they say, isn't it? If you don't believe it, try some and find out.

However, these are not advantages over nature, but man's attempt to emulate nature, and while a great deal of success has been achieved in that respect, it is not enough to justify purchasing the artificial over the natural. No, silk flowers have several other advantages that, when taken in conjunction with their look and smell, can persuade even the most skeptical that they might indeed represent a good buy.

What are these advantages you ask?

1. Silk Flowers Last

Silk flowers last longer than real flowers. They last more than just the few weeks, or even days, of cut flowers, whether or not you use the little food sachets that come with them, and even those artificial replicating the potted plants last longer. What that means is that not only do they offer the possibility of a permanent display in your home, but they can be put away, replaced by other artificial flowers for the appropriate season, and then displayed again the following year - and so on, year after year. This brings us to benefit #2:

2. Silk Flowers are Less Costly

I almost said cheaper, but artificial flowers don't look cheap, at least not the better makes. One bloom might be more expensive than one natural flower stem, but given that you have permanence against the fleeting ephemerality of a beautiful natural bloom, the price suddenly becomes attractive. How many natural blooms need you purchase to last as long as one silken bloom? How long is a piece of string!

3. No Pollen

Artificial blooms shed no pollen, so if you have any form of allergy to flowers, you will have no such problems with silk flowers. This is a major advantage for those that suffer from hay fever and dare not bring flowers into their home.

4. No Watering

One cause of electrical equipment malfunctioning, and occasionally people being electrocuted, is the watering of plants. People have a bad habit of placing plants on top of TV sets for example, and water passes through the soil and the hole in the pot. Unless you have the pot sitting on a large enough dish to collect all that water, then you can have a serious problem. Not only that, but expensive furniture gets damaged, and if you forget the watering, the plant dies.

These are four advantages of silk flowers over nature, and in themselves are sufficient to persuade many people that the real thing is not always best. What if you want a lasting memento of your wedding? What better than a beautiful, handmade silk wedding centerpiece or bouquet that will last forever? You can certainly have the genuine articles as well, but something artificial will be a permanent reminder of what is, at the time, the best and most important day of your life.

Yes, most will argue that a real flower will always look better than its silk equivalent, but that is not necessarily always the case. Not only that, but the benefits cited above are enough to persuade many to use silk rather than trusting in nature. Sure, real flowers look and smell wonderful, but you also have to consider what is practical for your situation.

It is a lot easier to produce a designer bouquet from artificial flowers since you can have a much wider choice throughout the year. A winter wedding with summer flowers - it's very expensive to have them imported, but not so if they are fashioned from very real-looking silk. Sometimes you have to feel silk flowers to tell them from the real thing. Try them out: you will be very surprised at how real they look if you don't know what they are.

Sure, nature is best, but there is a compromise between best, economical and the permanence and intrinsic beauty of silk flowers, artificial plants, and trees.


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