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How to Decorate a Room that Inspires

Updated on April 14, 2012

How Does Your Space Make You Feel?

Generally speaking when we think of decorating we think of making a space look beautiful for ourselves and others to see, but there is so much more to a space than it just looking nice. Decorating goes beyond eye appeal but also how it makes you feel on the inside when you are sitting in the space. When I look at a home catalog that is beautifully decorated with warm colors and textures and great looking comfy furniture, I envision my family there making special memories with the feeling like there is no place like home. I picture family and friends coming and making them feel as if it is their home. Take a moment to see how your space makes you feel when you walk into your home after a long day. Does it make you feel relaxed or does it add stress to an already hectic day? How does your space make you feel?

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Planning out Your Space

What colors, patterns, and themes inspire you for the area you are trying to decorate? Once you have decided on the colors, fabric, textures etc., the next step is planning your space out. Put together a Room Decor Plan with the following considerations:

(1) Define the space and how it needs to work for you and your family.

(2) Write down all the must haves for the space, such as storage, entertaining, and all needed functionality items.

(3) When planning for storage needs try to keep counters clear and use wall storage where applicable, even more so in small spaces. This will allow for a less cluttered feel.

(4) Look through catalogs for different styles and ideas that you like for the space. My newly found love is a site called Pinterest. It allows you to gather different pictures of styles, designs, furniture, and inspirations all in one place for you to refer to later. Another idea would be to put together an album of different looks you like from magazines that will help you decide which one will work the best.

(5) Once you have done that pick from the different designs that would most fit your style and functionality for the space you are looking to design.

(6) Plan out the space to make sure selected furniture fits, colors coordinate with other areas of the house, and all functional needs are met.

Now you are ready to begin and get inspired! I Would love to hear your ideas on how you get inspired to make over a room!


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